Venus Born in Bakersfield

Sounds kind of wierd but Bakersfield has a wonderful street painting festival put on by the Bakersfield Museum of Art. I was featured artist in this years festival. I had a great time.
My friend Holly came up to help me with the 12 x 16 foot painting. I did the Birth of Venus by French painter Cabonel.

We drove up on Thursday morning to begin the large work. We drew it all out and I was able to start painting. I finished two and a half cherubs and Holly finished the top half of the sky. Unfortunately, when we came back Friday morning much of the image had been washed away by sudden thunderstorms. Emily, the festival director, was nice enough to lay a plastic drop cloth over the image but once it started pouring it didn't seem to make much of a difference. You can see the remaining image in the first photo. It has the imprint of wrinked plastic over the cherub.

Holly and I spent much of the day wondering around Bakersfield looking for something to do.

Here is what we did on Saturday and Sunday. A record finish for a 12 x 16. I didn't think we could do it...