The reason that I've had some time between posts is I was "on tour" with the Hive gallery doing live painting at Rock on the Range music festival in Columbus Ohio. It was an awesome time, so much fun, hectic, work, late nights, early mornings, crazy! Just like a rock show should be. Here's a collection of pics from the event that will give you a good feel for everything, and some shots of my painting setups and the finished pieces. Painting the big crowds was a blast, it can seem daunting but it's like crowd surfing, you just gotta believe it's going to work! oil on canvas, 12 by 24 and 8 by 24

the opening of Tel Art Phone!

Oh my goodness the Tel Art Phone show last night at the Beacon Arts Building was incredible. Curator Mat Gleason is the man! If you missed the opening you missed a real event! I think everybody who is somebody in the art world in Los Angeles was there. I wish I'd taken more photos but I always forget! My painting in the show sold which is the real point of an art show. I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the person who bought my painting just flew in from New York and I just flew back from there. It was also fun that they had a drawing for 12 artists to do live painting at the event so I ended up doing a one hour piece for that which might also sell! It was such an awesome event and its open til July 3rd so there's plenty of time to check it out if you missed last night, Beacon Arts Building 808 N La Brea Ave, Inglewood CA 90302, Thurs - Sat 1 to 6pm, Sun 1 to 4pm. Also I'll be part of an artist panel on June 26th from 1 to 4pm. Be there!


I'm going to be in an art show opening may 28th at 6pm at the Beacon Arts Building in Inglewood, CA. It's going to be an amazingly awesome show and I'm stoked to be a part of it! Click here for the press release. Tell a friend! Tel-Art-Phone!

Since the show is an elaborate visual game of telephone, each artist received an image, did their take on it, and then that image was given to another artist to repeat the process. The show is going to be hung in cascading chains from the original image and each artists subsequent interpretation. So cool! I was the first in a chain from a root image by Robert Williams and here is my interpretation. It's funny this piece. The artists had ten days to complete something to pass on and I painted in vane for about a week. I had something going but it was really sucking. It happens sometimes, not every seed takes root, so I wasn't too worried. On day eight of my deadline I was invited to paint at the word of mouth rave party and brought a previous failure to do some live painting. I was looking forward to the change of pace. I ended up doing an amazing piece from life that was perfect for the telartphone project, painted the clown and girl into the scene of real Fellini-ism the next morning and it is a perfect piece for the show. It clearly illustrates the differences to our approaches to painting! I stopped trying so hard and something beautiful suddenly happened. I'm still excited about that, I think it's a real lesson for an artist. At least once in a while instead of always being a control freak, let the freak control you! Here's a link to my previous blogpost about this painting.

We Own The Night

I was invited to paint at the We Own The Night music and dance party. Well, I wasn't actually invited but when I showed up with my art supplies the organizer let me set up and paint anyway, plus I got comped a tasty bacon wrapped hot dog! This piece was made from 10pm to 5am and I didn't even drink an energy drink. There were some graffiti artists as well and a huge crowd but they dressed all pretty normal and only a couple real 'club kids'. Oil on canvas, 40 by 30

some drawings from here and there

I thought I'd catch up and post some drawings I've done that I like. The first is a moody motel interior with model that was actually set up at art center to look like a motel, she's really sitting in a classroom. Theatre of mind! Then I have a couple little riot studies that have been inspiration for riot paintings. The last is a drawing from life of the band Freerange Orkestar playing at the Hive gallery's last opening. Balkan Brasstravaganza!

3D Street Painting of Fountain

I created this 3D street painting of a European fountain for a private event at the Universal Studios backlot yesterday.  The event had a European theme with Italian comedians, caricature artists, and wonderful Italian and French musicians.  

The entire painting took me just under 6 hours to complete and measured about 11 x 15 feet.  Unfortunately, the finish had to come after dark which is when the party began.  So, the bottom pic had to depend on the camera flash which didn't quite reach the top of the fountain.  But, that's me, 7.5 months pregnant, testing the waters ;)    
The process was pretty simple...the most difficult part was making sure the cherub at the top looked accurate with the stretching of the image.  And of course, after the sun went down, it was nearly impossible to see the colors, even with a spotlight.  Greens looked like blues and vice versa.  Luckily I just had the bottom of the broken asphalt and the word Providence to finish.  

I may be doing another one next week...stay tuned.

horse charge

First off let me say what the heck happened to my post about the Alex Schaefer Hour with Ela Darling. I did not delete it so I guess blogger did. Not sure what to do about it! Well, in the meantime here's another imaginary riot that I started painting at the Hive gallery yesterday, trying to work in the spirit of JWM Turner a bit. I'm enjoying the perspective and compositional possibilities in the pieces!

Ela Darling on the Alex Schaefer Hour

Today LIVE from the Hive gallery on the Alex Schaefer Hour we got back to some painting and talk with our special guest, the beautiful and charming Ela Darling. I brought in a donated failed painting and had at it taking it over with a new composition. It was a great show and Ela brought interesting life experience, thoughts and perspective in addition to being an exceptional muse! I'm posting a pre-show video I uploaded as well as a before and after shot of the painting You can listen to the show link here at You can see Ela Darling’s work on her website:
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One work by One artist on the Yellow Wall

This Friday, May 6th from 7 to 9pm at Alias Books East, 3163 Glendale Bl, LA CA 90039 Alex Schaefer and his work "Hermes and Iris in Arcadia" will be the featured painting in this ongoing series. Pierre says, "I look forward to seeing you this Friday ... Take a break from the endless merry go-round of “gallery openings” and spend some time with us ... Art, books, wine, and a relaxed atmosphere ..." here's the featured painting, work in progress! aahahah! The photo just doesn't give the painting justice, you have to imagine a very rich and varied paint surface. oil and glitter on canvas, 24 by 36

The Alex Schaefer Hour


This Wednesday May 4th on the Alex Schaefer Hour, broadcasting live from the Hive gallery at 1PM through, artist and curator Pierre Picot will be joining the conversation to talk about art, life, and his various projects, namely the "one work by one artist on the Yellow Wall" show which opens this Friday, May 6th from 7 to 9pm at Alias Books East, 3163 Glendale Bl, LA CA 90039 where this month yours truly will be the featured artist in this ongoing series. Pierre says, "I look forward to seeing you this Friday ... Take a break from the endless merry go-round of “gallery openings” and spend some time with us ... Art, books, wine, and a relaxed atmosphere ..." I went to the last Yellow Wall 'soft opening' for Tim Ebner and had a terrific time! As for tomorrow it will be an hour of great art talk, light and serious. Art supplies will be served!

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