November 29 - December 4, 2011

Corey Helford Gallery is pleased to announce its program for SCOPE Miami 2011. Celebrating the Culver City-based gallery’s second year at the premier art fair, Corey Helford Gallery will unveil an exceptional collection of new works by leading internationally-recognized artists from the New Contemporary, Graffiti and Street Art Movements.

A destination amongst SCOPE’s 80 cutting-edge exhibitors from around the world, Corey Helford Gallery’s 800 square-foot space will showcase new works by D*Face, RISK, Nick Walker, Michael Mararian, Hush, Ray Caesar, and Ron English. The collection will also include new and recent works from Chloe Early, EINE, Kent Williams, Buff Monster, The London Police, Sarah Folkman, Sylvia Ji, Billy Norrby, Martin Wittfooth, Melissa Forman, SHAG (Josh Agle), Amy Sol, Tom Bagshaw, Colin Christian, Korin Faught, Nataly (Kukula) Abramovitch, MEGGS and Aaron Nagel.

Joining the gallery this year in Miami, artists Ron English, RISK and Buff Monster will be making special appearances at the gallery’s SCOPE space as well as throughout the streets of Miami, and exhibition highlights include:

· The release of D*Face’s 5’5 replica of “Going Nowhere Fast” — his famous 60’ mural in Culver City.
· Nick Walker will unveil a new 6’ painting from his “The Morning After - Miami” series.
· Graffiti artist RISK – featured in MoCA’s “Art in the Streets” exhibition — will debut a 6’ wide mixed media painting constructed from vintage license plates and neon.
· Ron English’s original 6’x6’ painting of the cover art for Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E album will be on view.
· A 7’ tall Oscar Zombie by D*Face and a 5’ tall chocolate Jesus by Nick Walker will be in attendance.

Corey Helford Gallery’s SCOPE program also marks the launch of its 2012 exhibition schedule. The gallery will be presenting highly-anticipated solo exhibitions by many of the featured artists during the year ahead.

SCOPE Miami: Booth F03
Wynwood Gallery Arts District
NE 1st Ave (Midtown Blvd) at NE 30th St
Miami, Florida 33127

VIP and Press View
Tuesday, November 29: 4pm-8pm

General Admission
Wednesday, November 30 - Saturday, December 3, 2011: 11am-7pm
Sunday, December 4, 2011: 11am-6pm

Stolen: Death From Above...


Death From Above
Flick via MentalRelease

ViK for Paper Box

Stink Grenade Studio's graff artist, ViK, was asked to do one of her pieces on the front gate of an upcoming space, Paper Box in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Shot and edited by SGS's Director of Digital Film, Joe Cav.

The 25 Best Graffiti Blogs

Already being a fan of Complex Magazine's "Best of Lists" I decided to step up to the plate and take a shot at a list. Hopefully I was able to help sites out, and I apologize if some sites got left out... Keep in mind, I could only choose 25. I'm open to hear opionions of list alternatives.

Click here. (via Complex)

Revolt and Klass hit the freights

Revolt Klass

Revolt Klass

More freight flicks here.

Corzine: Naked, Short


Black Christmas

I'm in a group show at Copro Gallery that opens Saturday, Dec 10th at 8pm. The gallery is at Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave T5, Santa Monica 90404. I struggled with what I was going to paint for it, there are two other paintings underneath this one that didn't pan out. But I struck on this idea and really like how it came out! Santa shot JFK! Click here for the show information. oil on canvas, 18 by 24


Hi Guys,

I hope you all had a beautiful thanksgiving. Jared and I visited my Mom and though we were only 3 people we still managed to have quite a feast! It was also super special because we had a "healthy" thanksgiving this year using very little butter and oil. Roasted root vegetables, couscous, turkey, and homemade cranberry sauce to name a few... It was excellent!

My mom always sets such a beautiful table.

On another note, I'm still working working working- Painting almost everyday. Last I counted, I have 37 brand new paintings in the secret new style/theme I have been working on. We are planning it's full release probably in January or February. It's going to be a lot of fun. Jared is also working hard at the redesign of my website to coincide with the new direction I've been going. We will be having lots of giveaways and other fun stuff when they are finally released too. I was toying with the idea of doing 30 paintings in 30 days but since I have now made more than 30, I'll have to see. hehe Perhaps I will release a few new paintings everyday for a month? YAY! This is really the most prolific and inspired I have been in my career so far and it definitely will be a milestone for me. I can't wait to share it with you all! XOX


the huffington post

I found this article in the arts section on the Huffington Post: CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK I'm always excited to get on that site. A great slide show of paintings and succinct article. Love it!

freedom of speech, occupy LA, Nov 17 2011

My freedom of speech education moment, Thank you LAPD letting this rant happen and for your sense of humor

7th and broadway

I took this painting back on location yesterday to resolve some areas that needed it, especially the lower right. Here's a CLICK BACK to the first plein air session. I really dig how it came out! The people on the street think it's magic. oil on canvas, 28 by 22

Plein air in Venice

It was a beautiful day in Venice Tuesday so I went out to paint the Chase branch there. An art gallery owner in Los Angeles is taking one of my burning bank paintings to the madness that is the Art Basel Miami show so I got inspired to paint a couple new ones before he leaves for that, like the Miracle Mile piece, but I realized they would be too wet to go and he's in love with the Los Feliz painting so that's the one. Nonetheless this number turned out nice! oil on canvas 28 by 22

looking for genius

They definitely to have to look further than me! ahahahahah! This is the 3rd episode in Bradford Salamon's "Looking for Genius" film series where he paints and interviews me while we broadcast live on my show the "Alex Schaefer Hour". Shot and edited by Eric Minh Swenson. Here's the video and also the original broadcast on live from the Hive gallery
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monochrome to color

I've stayed in acrylic on this number to keep the drying time fast, but still laying it down fast enough in each attack to stay "wet into wet". I'm working in established "old master" stages, b/w, then limited palette, then full color, etc... so far I'm half way there? This one has had three full corner to corner layers of paint, wet over dry, leading to a rich paint surface. Still work in progress but I'm into it! "three palm trees: untitled: stolen art" google it! lol acrylic on canvas, 28 by 22

20 minute portraits

One thing I learned today is nothing is too big to fail! ahhahahah! Like my recent ebay auction. wtf? I think it was a great painting and a steal at $875 but not a single bid. The art world is capricious and I will never try to understand it. No less than Rembrandt died broke, patronless, studentless, and without a single commission. What are you gonna do?!?!
I went painting 20 minute live portraits today! That's what I did. I was at the Artillery magazine booth at the Patchwork art and craft fair at the Helms Bakery building. It was a sell-out event, which lifted my spirits! I brought seven canvases thinking that was way more than I'd need, and ended up selling every single one and could have sold more! here's a group shot, unfortunately not the best photos... each oil on canvas, 12 by 9

the Alex Schaefer hour

I had a good time Wednesday doing a "too big to fail" episode with no guests, just the ice cold mic and the yawning expanse of the internets! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW! Art supplies helped. I painted this portrait of Justin Bieber on top of a previous failure on top of another failure that is all over a demonstration painting from teaching at the Art Center College of Design. That's a lot of failure, but you never know when it'll turn out to be a success! Just gotta keep trying... stay up to date with the art world at COAGULA.COM oil on canvas panel, 24 by 18

Bryan MacCarter Has Died, My Friend on Facebook

       'I'm writing to let you all know that our friend Bryan MacCarter died.
I thought you would want to know. I went to his friends page to see who were mutual friends.
I went to his page to check on him because it had been a few weeks since I heard from him, and found that he died at the end of October of a long time illness. That is all I know, You can go to his page and glean what you can, if you wish.
It is a very sad thing to me.
I am sorry if I shock you with this, I did not know he was ill, maybe no one did.'
                 This I wrote on a note at facebook to let mutual friends know of death. Then I wrote at the note:
Bryan MacCarter
Art by Bryan MacCarter
 'Some time back, Lana, I saw a very kind note from you to him at one of his photos that I could not comment on because it was so painful, I'm sorry to say. But thinking of that made me want to tell you and mutual friends.'
      At a post of Lana Gentry's I first became significantly aware of both her and Bryan MacCarter.
      To Lana Gentry from me on Facebook:
      Thank you for your note at the top and re-post of this photo and thread. In my sadness about Bryan's death which I only found out about yesterday, I have among other things been trying to remember when and why I first became friends with him. I believe this, maybe my first conversation with you, and must be where I first met Bryan.
       August 23, 2010. Seems I knew you both longer. But that is the nature of facebook, sometimes. Sometimes you have a friend for much longer, before you become aware of their art, for example. Sometimes you are aware and have given recognition and support for the art long before you have a real conversation. I 'member this well, I remember clicking 'like' on nearly every comment at your thread, and connecting on a conversational level with you for the first time. I believe Bryan may have begun to really connect with me, and I with him, at this very thread. Again, thank you. I am so sad.
      Later, when I gave away my art, Bryan asked me for the piece in the photo at this entry. I said no, the piece is very delicate, he on the other side of a continent from me, I knew it would be damaged in the mail.
I now of course regret that I did not find some way to wrap it so carefully that it would have survived the journey. It hurts inside that he wanted it, that he was dying of a terminal illness, that I did not know that, that as far as I know, no one knew that Bryan was dying. To know that he could have been looking at it while he was so ill, that he asked me for it and I said no, hurts my heart. What hurts my heart even more is 
that I did not comment at his photo. I did, I do, and I should have known better, given the nature of the image.
       The above drawing, Lana Gentry made of me, posted on facebook. It includes the piece I now call 'Bryan MacCarter,' and is now an altar to him. I will think of him every time I look at it, and because he was one of the most understanding, supportive, kind, intelligent people I have ever met anywhere---I will revisit him at this altar, often.
       I wish that I had known of Bryan's illness. I understand that he felt he needed to face his death in his own way. We all make these choices for ourselves. I just wish that people would not feel the need to hide the facts, or hide from the facts. When even the most difficult of all problems are brought out into the open, there is at least potential to deal with them, maybe even with friends.

To me when I gave away my art: 
"Chandra, I have postage covered, plus, dear. Is the skull on the hand pedestal still available? I'm in Richmond, Va. Don't tell me if you don't feel like it, but what's wrong? I can arrange shipping, poste haste, if you'd like. And I will repost this, but if you have that work, and you really want to keep them in the public trust, i'll take them and pay you for your trouble. I hope you're ok. Oui, non?"
And then: "So, eating it's own, if you still have it, i'd love to have it. We just need to figure our shipping and other various jazz... : )"
Finally in regard to art piece: "If you send me the message, i'll repost it, i can't find it on your webpage, buuuut, if you're being evicted (?) you should charge for your lovely paintings, and such, , you might make a mint. : ) And i'll buy the original work i mentioned, so holler..."
OHhhhhh, my heart, I swear I never saw those last two, I actually thought he had dropped the ball to some degree, OH GOD, the technical vicissitudes...

In his own words about himself:
 "My uncle was a bank robber, and he was one of the funniest, smartest guys that I knew when I was a kid. My mom's dad ran shine back in the day using trucks from his Ford dealership, and my pop's dad had speakeasies throughout the city during prohibition. heh Me, I just paint, write, and jabber about philosophy. I went to jail once, for being drunk in public, and I hated it. I like to be able to walk to the store, or the river, as I please. Plus, daughter, dog, elderly mother. They would be screwed." 

      A strange thing, the death of a friend. I have been crying over my facebook friend Bryan for two days. The thing is this: What would he think? I mean, we weren't that close, it's facebook. But I think Bryan wouldn't mind. He 'like'd me, at least in part, because I am emotional. That's why we were friends.

the Miracle Mile

I started this painting on 11-11-11, a good luck number day! I went out to Wilshire Blvd, found this great vantage from a park across the street and setup to paint this somewhat odd Chase building. But I only got as far as the drawing before security informed me I was on private property. It felt like a park! bummer! I took a picture and laid this in at home in acrylic. I'm digging it so far! 28 by 22

painting in Venice

Venice CA that is! (Although it would be fun to paint the original Venice in Italy too) I took artist Annie Preece to my favorite spot by the ocean for her first plein air adventure. Nothing like painting outdoors and in public to shake things up. I think I sort of took this one over like I tend to do, but I have to make sure to get Annie to sign it as well!

Occupy our Environment!

Interesting new reports about Fukushima nuclear disaster reported by Michio Kaku. It is now known that the one order that was disobeyed at the time of the accident saved Japan from utter and complete destruction. That was the infusion of millions of gallons of sea water on the completely melted down core reactor. Had this order not been disobeyed, Japan and all its people would be no more, and the accident which is now known to be 1/20th that of Chernobyl would have been ten times Chernobyl. According to Kaku Japan has born the brunt of the disaster, and while the effects will not be known for decades, the rest of the world has been impacted by a trillionth of the radioactive fallout. Meltdown continues, that is the nature of meltdown, into the ocean, effects not known. 
Heard Michio kaku on Forum, KQED Radio, today. Here is latest i could find on this for now:

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