from chavez ravine

I went out this morning to the same area of downtown Los Angeles for another shot at the amazing views there. This painting was done at the spot where Chavez Ravine Place ends at College St. north of Chinatown. What a beautiful and clear day it was today! I blocked in this painting and intend to work on it more in a few days... still trying to capture that flat, clear LA light. oil on canvas, 36 by 24

Valentine hearts

Here are a few quick Valentines I made recently. All images are from Alpha Stamps.

They are super sparkly in person and I added a small magnet to the back of each so they can be hung on the fridge for future enjoyment. :)

angeleno heights

A few days ago I found some great views of downtown LA from around Angeleno Heights and Chavez Ravine. There's a high hill that offers some amazing vantages of the city. Here's my first effort. I think I need to get out there a little earlier but for a first shot, it's not so bad, I'm trying to capture that glaring noon light that I see a lot in the city this time of year... Here's the corner of Figueroa Terrace and Centennial St. oil on canvas, 28 by 22 (work in progress)

"Loft for Rent"

14"x20" Oil on linen.

the right place at the wrong time

Yesterday I drove up to Glendale after teaching and set up in front of Faster Donuts at the corner of Allen St and San Fernando Bl to paint the view. It was an exciting day to paint outdoors that's for sure, it was VERY windy (my painting blew off the easel twice, once face down) and chilly. But fighting the elements is part of the excitement of plein air painting! The reason for the title of this post is I have a feeling that this is a much more interesting scene to paint in the morning when the sun is hitting the front of the sign rather than the mid afternoon light when the sun is behind. I might paint a new one, or since this piece needs some more work maybe just paint on top of this one. oil on canvas, 30 by 24

"Amtrak - New Jersey to Washington DC"


12"x20" Oil on canvas.

the view from the cornfield

I went back with my painting to the cornfield this afternoon with John Kilduff to put some more paint on the canvas and begin to resolve some of the more brushed in areas of the painting. I think the piece is getting better! I'm always glad when I return to the spot to work on a piece more and I improve it rather than muck it up more. It might be done, I'm not sure... I think I may need to ensure the buildings are straight, but it's at 95% I feel. oil on canvas, 24 by 48

"7 Express - NYC"


16"x20" Oil on linen

LA from the cornfield

There was an art project in downtown just south of Chinatown where they turned some of the old switching yards into a big cornfield. Now that the project is over, they've turned it into a state park (without the corn) and it has amazing views! I went with my painting supplies yesterday to check it out and started this painting of the sun going down behind LA. I have a feeling it's going to be even more beautiful in the morning light! (work in progress) oil on canvas, 24 by 48

back in a world of flavor!

I revisited the Merit (1984) painting today, slapping a new layer of paint on it. I like it much better now, I think it is improved! I'm still staying really juicy, but trying to refine the color and the shapes. I gained in some areas and lost in others but it's a better painting. oil on canvas, 40 by 60 (click here for previous post)

life drawing

Last night was life drawing at the Hive... it'll be the last session for the unforeseen future since I have so many teaching commitments this term I'm a little overwealmed. But last night we had a great model with some awesome costumes... here are a few of my favorites...

plein air locations

I'm teaching four classes this semester at Art Center College of Design. It's the biggest group of students I've ever had! This is going to be a busy spring term...

What's exciting is in addition to three sessions of Composition and Painting, I'm co-teaching a landscape class and my part is to take the students on location! Every other week for the next 12 weeks I'll be meeting the students (or frankly anyone who cares to show up) at six locations around LA. To make it easy people to see where we're going to be, and make it easy for me to update, edit and change the information, I created a blog with the dates and locations.

So for my students and to anyone interested please go to:

100 Tutorials!

Here's a great link I found. There are 100 Turorials, lots are simple sewing projects, kids art projects, and more. Maybe they will inspire you! :)

beautiful view

I've been into this view lately! I'm back at Vista Hermosa Park, this time painting a new piece, oil on canvas, 10 by 14. I am in a group show on January 24th and the curator stipulated pieces 12 x 12 or smaller. I might not be specifically adhereing to the rules with my 10 x 14, but I figure it's overall less square inches than 12 x 12 so I think I'm OK! This piece felt SO SMALL!! These days my "small" brushes only feel small on a 24 by 36 scale or larger. The small size made it feel like I was painting with my forehead but I still had a great time; it certainly kept me loose. The show is called "I Heart LA" and it is amazing views like this that make me HEART LA! The gallery website is

lets paint 5th and spring

Here is my painting last night from the Art Walk. Let's Paint TV was at the corner of 5th and Spring for three hours to add to the evening's fun, I played camera man and worked on my own painting. This was painted on top on an older piece that didn't work, and I'm much happier with this one. oil on canvas, 48 by 24

vista hermosa park

I went and painted at Vista Hermosa park in downtown Los Angeles with Manuel today. It was beautiful! Clear autumn light and one of the best views of the city. If you live in LA, you should go some time and bring a picnic or painting supplies.

I wish I'd brought my camera! After I sketched the painting in, three little kids came over, 6, 4, and 2, and they wanted to paint so I opened my palette, gave them some brushes and let them have at it. They painted two big yellow suns, a giant soccer player in the corner, bright color shapes here and there, lots of brushstrokes and lines. Children just like to put paint on the canvas and stir color around! It was great! There were moments like Hans Hoffmann or Cy Twombly. Honestly I really liked what they did, I miss that I didn't get a picture. When they stopped then I took over and painted the view before me. It was very interactive. What a great way to lay the piece in! It was fun to work against all their randomness, it created a struggle for me which makes for passion in the piece. I like this one much better than my first attempt: older vista hermosa park blog. oil on canvas, 24 by 36

portraits at the Hive

Last night was amazing! It was the biggest crowd I've ever seen at the Hive. There was a line out the door and down the street to get in the place! The 20 minute portraits were fun and we had a big crowd watching the work in progress. Here are my efforts for the night...

Soul Journaling Advanced Techniques coming soon!

The class description and sign-up info will be posted here late in January. (this class will be run by me and not through Joggles) The class itself will begin in either February or March. There will be one lesson per week and will run for 5 weeks. I've been a busy little bee writing the pdf files for this so it will be easy to print out and follow at your speed. More info soon. I promise! ;)



Cloth Paper Scissors

Yay! I finally got my (January/Febuary) copy of the magazine. I am on page 80. I am thrilled and think they did a beautiful job photographing this piece. :)

This issue should hit newstands Jan 6th!

a world of flavor!

Happy New Year to all the worldwide readers of my blog! I had a great time last night (last year!) ringing in the New Year and I think 2009 is going to be a year for the history books in a million good and bad ways! I'm excited to watch it all unfold... I got interested to paint this Merit cigarette ad from 1984 today, here it is work in progress. It turned out to be the same dimensions as a stalled painting of Blue Boy I'd started a while back so I decided to bid farewell to blue boy for now and blocked in this new painting. oil on canvas, 40 by 60 (in progress)

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