the kiss

this is a theme that every artist I have ever loved has painted! This is my second attempt from the same photo reference, a smirnoff ad in playboy magazine november 1980. ooh! that's some good vodka right? is Smirnoff still advertising in playboy? ahahhaha! yeah no. I cropped in on the original photo which shows the entire length of the female model; I like this closer focus. I went full fauve here! put your goggles on, the paint is flying.

painting the Arts District

A bunch of friends and I have been going painting in the Arts District centered around 3rd and Traction. In fact here's a painting of that very intersection! It's a cool part of Los Angeles and in the time I've lived in LA, what an amazing transformation. oil on canvas, 24 by 12

art burrito

cut out a 12 inch circle canvas tortilla. Soak in water then brush with gloss medium. "toast" the canvas tortilla on a bumpy surface with burnt umber and a palette knife. remove art waste from the trash and place on the art tortilla. fold in half, fold in the ends, roll the burrito over and you're almost done. Sign the art tortilla and give it a final basting of gloss medium. Ready to consume!

Fuck the 80's: Bummer Games

Seriously. Here's a painting from the series that was finished for the Charlie James show last month. This is a clothing ad from a 1984 Playboy magazine. What the hell were we thinking with those shorts? That's a lot of man-thigh. The three red white and blue medalists smacks of American Exceptionalism, an idea held by our political leaders that the USA is above the law; it's an attitude that over the years has done nothing but breed hatred for our arrogance. Here's a shot of the painting in progress and then the finished piece. As always, I try to continually work the entire canvas from the initial slap dash attack to the details. It makes it fun to do and look at! oil on canvas, 48 by 36

Jamie Dimon is a Suicide Banker

JP Morgan Chase Bank and the rest of the Too Big To Fail Banks are Economic Terrorists better poised than any other institution in the world to take down the American Dream more pervasively and completely than any "terrorist organization" identified by the CIA, the Department of State, and our government. They will cause more fear and disruption to civilization than Al Queda, the Taliban, the Martyrs Brigade, ELF, the Shining Path, the Revolutionary Struggle, the Aryan Nations, the Black Liberation Army, the Army of God, etc etc etc combined! Their campaign of annihilation will hit every state, every city, every neighborhood, every savings account, every pension fund, every single person across the country and world. We need to rethink what is terrorism folks. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs are all State Sponsored Terrorists.

Behind The Scenes: 123KLAN 20TH ANNIVERSARY JAM


This past Saturday night in Brooklyn, the legendary french crew 123KLAN (Scien and Klor) celebrated their 20th year anniversary house party style. Friends and family that came out to celebrate included Nychos from Austria, Dabs & Myla from Los Angeles, Akuma from Montreal, Mickey TFP from Amsterdam, Flying Fortress, Kem5, Cope2, Indie, Ket RIS, Sye TC5, Venom2 TC5, Doc TC5, Owns, Sebs, Cekis and many more. The Anniversary wall jam went down the following day. Coverage coming soon...



MAD vs CANCER Auction Now LIVE!

This "MAD" piece on canvas was graciously donated by CRIZ 156 to help out the cause. CRIZ 156 is originally from the South Bronx and was raised on those styles, but currently is a huge part of the Montreal graffiti scene, and part of creating the famous Meeting of Styles events that both myself and Shaun MAD have both painted at a few times. The classic Bronx style speaks for itself.

Painting is 16" X 20", and is paint marker on canvas.


TODAY! Andy Kessler Day @ House of Vans

Saturday, June 2nd 2012
4:00pm - 7:00pm

25 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, NY

For a $5 suggested donation, you can see Triple Hex and Dirty Fences play, and there's an open skate inside and out if that's your thing. Plus, free food...

Matchstick Wall Street

I was emailed by a professor at the College of Arts Media & Communications at CSU Northridge that my paintings inspired a project for her students, an entire Matchstick Wall Street! I had to go out and visit to see the project in person and it is EPIC! Here's some photos and and video to give you a better feel for it. I have been invited to be a guest of honor at the Official Burning Ceremony what takes place Friday, October 13th; sounds like an appropriate day. I can't wait to see that!!! There better be a film crew there catching it all on video because this would be great for youtube! Protest! Express your ourage! The hearts and minds of the people need to change because our leaders are not going to do anything for us.


Thursday, May 31st 2012
Doors open @ 11:00pm



RUSTED: REVS Still Running...

TONIGHT! Andy Kessler Foundation Benefit Art Auction

Thursday, May 31st 2012
6:00pm - 9:00pm



MAST / STAE2 / SHANK / SEBS - Brooklyn 2012



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