Festival's Four Legged Friends

Hi everyone.

I was painting in Denver this weekend and it was extremely hot. The asphalt was too hot to touch...which makes street painting a bit difficult considering I blend everything with my fingers ;) The daily high was 96 degrees...the temp on the asphalt registered at 125 degrees.

I am a total animal lover and it pains me to see dogs at street painting festivals on really hot days. Yes, dogs have a tougher skin on their paws but it is certainly painful for them to stand on a 125 degree surface. I saw these poor dogs actually hopping from paw to paw because their feet were burning. Please don't do this to your wonderfu pets. It is no fun for them and it is awful to watch. Please leave the pups at home unless the temps are mild.

I have been invited as one of 3 American Artists to paint in this years International Street Painting Festival in Holland. The event will honor the churches and cathedrals of the city of Utrecht. The painting team will consist of 3 American artists, 3 German, 3 Italian, and 3 from Holland. We will each be painting an individual reproduction from a Utrecht Caravaggisti whose paintings hang in the cities museums. The 12 individual 9 x 9 foot panels will be linked together by a city scape of Utrecht that spans the length of the mural - 100 feet or so. It will be Hollands largest street painting to date.

Santa Barbara Street Painting Poster

This years Santa Barbara IMadonnari festival's poster features my artwork. The Allegory of Art which I painted at last years 20th Anniversary. Not only the 20th anniversary for the festival but also 20year anniversary of street painting in the United States.

I designed "The Allegory of Art" to depict my own interpretation of the art form. An all female cast plays the part of Fine Artist, Model, Muse, and Street Painter. In the background lies the church in Mantova, Italy where the original street painting festival still takes place each August.