Stencils & Faux Pics

These are pictures from our portfolio, some from San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. All of them taken before we started keeping this online journal:

I really love this faux bamboo jungle, and some more pics of the finished room will be posted (hopefully) soon.

The following pictures are from an exceptional drag finish (18' tall!) and a closet stenciled with the trademark Louis Vuitton pattern - wow! Because of our modern advances in photocopy technology, any design you want can be easily transformed into a stencil.

And some beautiful faux finishes, simple and elegant:

painting in Santa Barbara

When I was out painting last week, a vacationing couple happened by and saw me at work. They asked if they could take a picture and I said "Of course!", I don't mind. But I hoped they'd send me a copy, and they did! How fun. I don't get a lot of shots of me at work, so this is neat to see. Great photo. THANKS SO MUCH!

portrait commission

When I was out painting the Santa Monica pier last week I met a gentleman and his mom out walking in Palisades Park. I gave him my card and out of the blue a couple days later he called and commissioned me to paint a portrait of his mom before she left town. So I went back out to Santa Monica today and did a plein air, alla prima portrait. It was like doing a 20 minute portrait except with much more beautiful light and having a much more leisurly fours hours to paint. What fun! A beautiful model and a beautiful day. oil on canvas, 20 by 16

SJAT Student Work!

Check out the fantastic work done in my last Soul Journaling: Advanced Techniques class!

Christy S. from Florida!

Savannah F. from Canada!

Nathalie G. from Belgium!

Mary H. from South Dakota!

Janet B. from Australia!

Jane B. from Florida!

Bernie A. from Australia!

*APPLAUSE* Show these awesome ladies some love and make sure you leave a comment for them! :)

The next Soul Journaling: Advanced Techniques Workshop will begin on Friday May 15th (last day to sign-up for this class is May 15th) and this is also the last Soul Journal workshop I will be teaching this year so if you're interested now's your chance. ;)

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