Sistine Chapel in London

Melanie Stimmell has been invited to be the artistic director for a monumental project in London, Canada this August. In her 4th year with the festival, she will lead a team of 9 artist in recreating the central panels of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling on the asphalt for the Expressions in Chalk Street Painting Festival . The street painting will take up over 1600 square feet at 18 x 92 feet, and will illustrate the most recognizable scenes from Michelangelo's Vatican masterpiece. The original was begun in 1508 and was not complete until 1512. London's team of 9, lead by Melanie, will complete it in 6 days, with the finish ready for viewing on Sunday, August 2nd. The team will include 2 other international artists from California, Genna Panzarella & Lysa Ashley, and 6 local London artists.

Melanie has also created a fine art piece for the event to Auction off. The proceeds will go to supporting the arts in downtown London.

Expressions in Chalk
August 1st - 2nd
Dundass Street
London, Canada

quick portraits

I painted these in Colorado, they are of a couple of the guests at North Fork Ranch. I brought a bunch of extra 12 by 9 canvas/panels in my luggage because I just knew I was going to end up painting some 20 minute portraits. I ended up painting 5 of them and these were my favorites. It's a fun way to remember a moment, a sliver of real time framed for all time. These types of paintings are as much about me as they are for the sitter but I always manage to get something that undoubtedly bears a likeness to them, and I paint them with a lot of verve.

master copy

Actually this is more a 'massacre copy' of a Titian painting I love. I know it's work in progress but I also like it now so I'm posting it. I painted it over a failed landscape I did months ago that I threw on the ground, kicked back to my truck, and left to dry rocks and all. It became something fun to fight against, I guess this is so far a mash-up of Venus and Colorado, filtered thru Bob Ross and Frank Auerbach. oil on linen, 24 by 36

the fun zone

I went down to the Del Mar Fair to enter their plein air painting event today. The check-in was 11am and finished works had to be back by 4pm at the latest. the idea was to work fast and express a view and the spirit of the fair. I chose the fun zone, always my favorite part. Starting with the pre-requisite blank canvas, this mess is what I ended up with before it was time to stop. The light was overcast with sun a l m o s t breaking through but never quite... It wasn't very dramatic but at least it was consistant. oil on canvas, 36 by 24

The Green Room

This color - call it 'Toothpaste Green' - is not used by decorators and painters anymore.

Our client - 'Jane' - wants it painted before she moves in, and has already decided the colors: gray, with a rich red accent wall.

It is typical to use very rich colors on the accent wall, bold color will compliment the surrounding decor. The results are visually stunning:

carry-on landscapes

Here are four 11 by 14 landscapes I painted in Colorado, all small enough to fit in my carry-on luggage on the plane. I used alkyd rather that oil paint because it's much faster drying so I don't have to worry about wet paint when I get on the plane. When I painted the meadow, I got a ride out to the spot by Dave, one of the staff, and left by myself for two hours. About 15 minutes after Dave drove off and I was all set up to paint, suddenly seven giant mules and a mare showed up and surrounded me! The mare started biting my canvas, stuck his nose in my paint, was tearing at my backpack. It was kinda scary! But after a little yelling and slapping and loud noises I managed to scare them off and they left me alone the rest of the time... The painting of the horse is Jake who was my nephew Sean's ride. My favorite one was the orange tractor! They are all painted plein air.

life drawings

I got a new sketchbook recently and wanted to post a few drawings I've done recently. This past week I was in Colorado for a family vacation. what fun! In addition to fishing, riding, hiking, shooting and lots of eating, I brought my paint supplies and finished four small landscapes and five portraits of the staff and other guests. I'll post a few blogs about it, but in the meantime here are some drawings. The first is at the Hive, and the others are from Colorado... Most posts to come.

drawing downtown and a portrait

Today I was at the Gallery at the end of the World for a closing show brunch and did a 20 minute portrait at the same time! Here is Nancy, another artist in the group show. I wanted to paint more portraits but ran out of white paint, but here's the result of my efforts. She really liked at and bought it right off my easel.

And yesterday being the first Saturday of the month it was opening night at the Hive Gallery. I get there pretty early for the cheaper parking and bide my time for a couple hours drawing, for some reason, I like to stand on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles with my little drawing board and do life drawings of the scene. So here is the corner of 6th and Broadway.

"Art District - NYC"

14"x18" oil on linen. ...............Sold

This is one of those paintings I've wanted to do for a long time. I found this stairway walking from floor to floor in NY art district where you can find a lot of interesting architectural discoveries.

life drawing at the Hive

Yesterday was the 'every other Sunday' drawing workshop at the Hive gallery. 5pm to 7pm for $10. Here are my efforts, some 3 minute, 5 minute , and 10 minute poses.

"Art Gallery No.2"

12"x16" oil on linen.

I had painted this New York city street scene twice already (two pictures below) and I could not resist to paint again. It’s Greene street in Soho, Manhattan.

................................................... Sold

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