torch-wielding mob

This piece of canvas has a long history, it began about 13 months ago. It started as an experiment in materials, I stretched and primed a very coarse, Victorian-patterned material suitable for curtains with no idea what I was going to paint on it. It's gone through about four different paintings until it arrived at this theme, which I'm very happy with! It has a very rich paint surface that only 50 coats of expressively applied paint can create. A torch-wielding mob chasing a terrorizing beast. This is about the biggest I can get a painting in my home studio, it's 64 by 48.


Carnage Zine & Making Deals Zine Present: SNOWBLIND

February 17th - March 3rd, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, February 17, 2012

Photographs from renowned graffiti photo-historian Martha Cooper and Carnage zine creator Ray Mock show slush, sludge, and frozen faces contrasted with empty and peaceful city streets and the blinding white of last night’s snowfall. The show also features clever, snow-inspired artwork and photography from Jesse Edwards, Mike P, Alexander Richter, Michael Fales, Oscar Arriola, Graham Shimberg and Bob Barry.

The opening will mark the launch of issue #2 of Carnage, a limited edition zine featuring the prolific and highly distinctive work of New York City’s ATM Crew.

Klughaus Gallery exhibits a variety of contemporary art. The gallery works primarily with artists that have roots in graffiti and street culture and seeks to develop itself as a leader in fostering urban art appreciation within the local (Chinatown/LES) community.

@ Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002


“ALL TALK” @ Pandemic Gallery

Feb.17th - March 11th, 2012

Opening Reception:
Friday Feb. 17th, 2012

37 Broadway (btwn Kent and Wythe)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

“ALL TALK” features some of New York City’s boldest anti-heros, cynics and preachers. Those that run us through the gauntlet of fine art, design, and graffiti. From spray paint to oil paint to print making, this group of artists will display a collection of work to be hung in a gallery, but that can also be seen on the streets, walls and rooftops of New York. Their consistency and work ethic have been unparalleled in a scene that seems to be full of come and go artists looking for quick fame. This group has proved themselves time and time again to be among the most authentic and dedicated creators around. Engulfed with the love for what they do, they demonstrate their undaunted drive and creative dominance…………… unless it’s just all talk.

Featuring works by: Aakash Nihalani, Andrew H. Shirley, Cassius Fouler, Destroy & Rebuild, Gabriel Specter, Isabel Lasala, J. Ralph Phillips, Jenna Hicock, Jesse Edwards, Jesus Saves, Map, Merk, NohJColey

I'm in Somerset Studio Magazine!

If you haven't checked it out yet I am in the newest issue of Somerset Studio (January/February)! The amazing Seth Apter and I worked on a collaborative journal project that took us 3 years to complete. There is a very nice article (8? pages) in the magazine and lots of beautiful photos of our journals not to mention our names on the cover! Yay!

You can find Somerset Studio online and also at major bookstores and craft stores such as Barnes and Noble and Micheal's internationally.


» Click here. (via Sacred Stitch)

Sh*t Graffiti Writers Say


Cope 2 | Defiance | Paris 2012

Sixteen months after his first exhibition in Paris (Burning Hearts in November 2010), the famous graffiti artist Cope 2 presents New York for the second time in Paris. MathGoth proposed by the gallery, the exhibition Defiance meet from February 18 to March 1 works of an international graffiti legends whose work, not settle down, now combines the techniques of graffiti with the dexterity of brush or collages.

No denial in the work of Cope2: the king with his bubbles markers and bombs remains at the heart of each of the paintings but with new spaces and new technology investment. A real change in his work already begun in his first exhibition in Paris Burning Hearts, in November 2010, when appeared the first signs of a burgeoning style.

Now focusing on studio work, more thorough, deeper Cope2 this for a very accomplished performance. Exit the metro line 4 in New York debut, the canvas is now her favorite material, which contributes to the accessibility of the artist in the defying paradox of street art. Cope2 has become a real painter workshop with the rigor and torments involved.

Fresh Paint NYC Video Vault Pt.1 - In Memory of Patrick "SIRE" Elasik - 2005

Painted: Vixen, Haze, Newer, Tusk, Resk, Cecs, Ezo, Goal, Serf... unsure of the rest of the line up... feel free to comment others.

Joey Duz - Graff Heaven (Remix) (feat. Thirstin Howl III)


Produced by Shottie & Mixed by TeV95
Video Directed & Edited by TeV95


An over the shoulder visit at the studio. Revisiting the SHARKLINGTON character for a commission painting going off to Arizona.

MR.MINT for 2MINT by KR.One


TONIGHT! RICKY vs DWELS: Closing Party Extravaganza

Friday, Jan. 27th, 2012

Special Guest DJ's:

Curated by Arian Viajero Roman

2241 First Ave. bet. 115/116th St.

the alex schaefer hour

Today's show was mostly about East Jesus. I painted one of the people I met there onto the canvas of Salvation Mountain and I think the painting is massively improved! Click here to listen to the show, I had fun managing to prattle on the entire hour, got some good painting done and the audio is not too bad! The first 40 seconds of the show I had no idea it was going so it's silence, but don't worry your computer's fine, I get a clue about 45 seconds in... at 16 minutes I start to do something on the canvas, and the last 20 minutes of the show I start getting into it. I painted very cool skin tones on the girl, too cool that she felt almost blue, I wanted it that way but I also wanted to make her look warmer so I painted a more blue sky and that solved that. There's always more than one way to solve a problem.

KEY 2012


Miracle Mile

This painting started off monochrome, the second pass was color. I did this a few weeks back but I never got around to a blog post about it. Here you go! If you want to see, it's at the Charlie James gallery in Chinatown. He also has this one, this one, and this one. Seeing these paintings makes me want the People to get mad again! aahahahah!

East Jesus

Nathan, founder of the Hive and avid camper, was the spearhead for an overnight camp-out in East Jesus, which has to be the one of the most amazing places on earth. An artistic self-sustaining oasis in the desert, basecamp liberty. There was food, solar power, live music. I did a couple drawings of the band playing in the music area, my favorite was a group called Orphan in the Afterlife The next morning I went and made a painting of Salvation Mountain, an epic monument to faith and perseverance. Not bad, but my piece definitely needs another coat of paint, that means I gotta go back soon! I was there for 28 hours total, but it seemed longer in a good way, probably because there were so many amazing experiences in so little time. East Jesus proves time doesn't always fly when you're having fun!

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