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I'm Destashing

I finally got a chance to spend some time cleaning out my studio. Yay!!! I've now got 3 large priority flat rate boxes stuffed to the brim on Ebay up for grabs. The auctions starts at $10 a box. There's tons of epherema and altering goodness to be had here.
Happy Bidding!

lovers and haters

I'm in a group show themed "lovers and haters" at the Hive gallery opening February. So this is my entry. I found a picturesque spot downtown and started with a life drawing in my sketchbook. I took that home and started a painting very expressionistically in acrylic. I moved the painting closer to the line drawing and then painted on it back at location for better color. It might have been fun to do bigger, but for the group show I'm probably already pushing the size limit... oil on canvas, 24 by 18

painting from life at the LA Art Show

This was exciting! I wanted to post a picture of the painting as it looked when the LA Art Show ended. I was there for the past five days drawing and painting from life a scene of the show, live painting they call it. I have a few 'work in progress' shots of the painting which will be interesting to post because it has evolved a good deal from start to now, I'll blog those later. I got in with Coagula and the event organizers set up a table for us to use and internet broadcast from, and bringing some old school reportage I was there with easel and paints. No one seemed to mind, in fact at any given time there was a crowd having fun watching. Maybe it helped that I was right next to the other live painters, no one noticed, we're all just part of the show! I'm adding those extra pictures now, a couple composites of me painting and some stages of the painting. oil on canvas, 24 by 30

Puffy's Tavern

"Puffy's Tavern-II" Oil on linen. 14"x22"

This is a larger and a little different version of “Puffy's Tavern”-8x10 painting I’ve done a few months ago.

LA Art Show

I've been at the LA Art Show with Coagula Magazine doing some live painting and helping out with coaguLAradio. I will do an internet broadcast live this Saturday from 4pm to 7pm, I'll post links and a shot of the painting soon. Here's some photos from the event today

Janette MacKinlay on December 9th, 2010, RIP

       The last time I saw Janette MacKinlay was about two years ago at her home up on Ridgewood Drive, where she served me
 the heartiest most delicious vegetarian, home-cooked meal of Soup, bread, and salad. Then she offered me, and I ate, her exquisitely delicate home-baked cookies. The meal is memorable not only for the wonderful quality of the food, but even more because we had fairly recently written memoirs (hers about her experience on 9/11/2001 living across the street from the World Trade Center), which we were exchanging and talking about the entire day. On that day we filled in the gaps of our entire life histories. On that day she also purchased a necklace I had made right off my neck, at a time when I was sorely in need of cash. That is how I will always think of Janette, to me she was giving of herself first and foremost, and generous materially as well.
       I first met Jeanette when she owned and operated The Art Club Gallery in the Fruitvale section of Oakland. The Gallery was a converted movie theater at least 50-60 years old. Janette lived there, adventurous one that she was. There she offered and made possible Dreams, Shadows, and Archeologies, an exhibition including two other artists and myself, Lemora Martin, and Long Nguyen. The friendship between Lemora, Long and me fast became a friendship and long association with Janette, who I confess I wish I had seen more of over the years. I will miss knowing that Janette is living among us, the world will miss her creativity and generosity.

In searching through my emails for the exact date of Janette's death, I accidentally skipped to "oldest" to find one of the first messages on facebook from Janette dated from about 3 years ago:Janette wrote on your Wall:

In searching through my emails for the exact date of Janette's death, I accidentally skipped to "oldest" to find one of the first messages on facebook from Janette dated from about 3 years ago:

Tribeca - Duane street

"Tea-Coffee" 14x16 oil on linen.

Meatpacking District

"Meatpacking District No.3" 16"x24" oil on canvas.

I love to paint NYC Meatpacking District . This is my 3rd painting of this area.
The contrast of remaining industrial buildings, truck loading ramps and uneven cobblestone streets with trendy restaurants, bars, boutiques always an inspiration for a new painting.

a painting of photo LA

Is that ironic? I don't know. I went early out to Santa Monica today and painted this view of the civic auditorium where the photoLA show is. I knew I was doing a show at 4pm but figured why not make a day out of it and rolled in at 11am. I thought it would be fun and odd to make a painting in front of a photography show, and then do a three hour broadcast at the photography show from a painter's viewpoint. I think both turned out great! The broadcast suffered from an unknown mic problem, no sound, for the first hour which sucks because it was awesome! We interviewed Amy Arbus about her new book the Fourth Wall, her famous mother, and photography, and also spoke with the folks from [the=equation]2 about their creative community cultivation project, and Dawn Of Man but... it's gone. ahahaha! The other two hours went great but I couldn't tell if I was repeating myself, very deja vu. I'll get a link to that soon but you can listen to a replay now at the first hour is empty, but if you click or drag, basically fiddle with the scrolling bar next to the play button to about 60 or so minutes in, you can fastforward to where my gabbing start...

New Art for Sale!

I just uploaded 7 new cupcake pieces to my Etsy store. These babies go fast! They would make a super cute treat for someone special this Valentine's Day. XOX

GFAA Florida Artists 2011 Juried Exhibit

I'm proud to say that one of my pieces is featured at Gainesville Fine Art Accociation, Florida Artists 2011 Juried Exhibition. (Juror: Ben Thompson, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL)

You can see my piece now through Febuary 3rd along with 39 other selections representing other Florida artists. The show is at Santa Fe Collage Northwest Campus Gainesville, FL.

Here are a few photos taken at the opening mixer-

Painting at a photography show

It should be interesting to say the least! Today, Friday Jan 14 starting at 4pm I will be doing a live 3 hour broadcast from the floor of photoLA/artLA projects streaming on the internet at Click the link and listen in for this chocolate meets peanut butter of a broadcast!

live tonight on

Tonight from 6 to 9pm listen to the comings and goings live from the photoLA/artLA show in Santa Monica. Go to for a live link. It'll be a who's who of the art world!
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Street Painting Makes Headlines

The University Museum sent this article to me after I arrived back home to LA. It's one of my favorite press clippings because of the amazing amount of images they fit into one page. It's fantastic!

I wish all the articles featured such coverage but I'm grateful for every little bit ;) Actually, now that I think about it, the show is still up. So my painting and the exhibit, "The Aesthetic Code: Unraveling the Secrets of Art" is still up until April 3rd. What a fantastic run. I wonder how the image is holding up on the floor. Would be interesting to visit before closing. I just hope they are able to save the whole piece for future exhibitions.

If you are in the Tuscon area and interested in seeing the show you can visit their link below for more info.

Street Paintings to end 2010

It has been a few months since my last post even though I had two fantastic events. The main reason is...I found out my husband and I are expecting! We are so excited & are hoping he or she loves to street paint just as much as I do.

So, though 2010 has come to an end I thought I should post my last two projects of the year. The first, a 3D street painting at the University of Arizona Museum of Art for their 'Aesthetics of Art' Exhibition. This project was so much fun. I actually began the process in studio and shipped it to the museum since I was on a short timeline but the whole process was viewable on my new site So if you couldn't make it down to the museum you were able to see the live stream online. This was my first 100% Live event. It was great! Everyone could watch the painting unfold from home.
As for the image...I'd really been wanting to do a Marie Antionette inspired painting...I do so many Renaissance themed paintings, it was time for some Rococco ;) Here are a few pics of the finish.

One aspect of my visit to AZ that I really enjoyed was the street painting workshop I gave to a handful of University students. I had them paint several Marie Antionette Portraits which doubled as 'vintage invitations' to Cream and Crumpets with Marie.

Just a few days after Arizona, my husband and I left for Houston. They have one of my favorite street painting festivals and they were celebrating their 5th year. You can see the posters I designed in my last post. They wanted something really fantastic for their anniversary so I designed a massive 30 x 60 foot collaborative street painting! We had 8 artists, myself included, to create "The Art of Sound" Everyone did such an amazing job in only 3.5 days. Again, one of my favorite parts of the project was having the live stream of the entire event. Remmie took care of all the tech for us so everyone could see the process as it evolved from day to day, even before the start of the festival. Another plus was that students from KIPP Houston created the beautiful border panels around the artwork. They designed and painted it wonderfully. Rebekah Tee was their lead teacher...she's amazing! I've known her for several years and her students always do fantastic work. My husband, Remmie, captured some amazing pics of KIPP working as can see them all in purple shirts and beanie caps -It was pretty cold out.

I love this pic! Remmie took it from the roof of the Houston Library. It was super windy so he had to crawl on his stomach to lean over the edge and take the shot. But everyone is in it! Art of Sound panel team and KIPP Border team.

Panel Artists

Genna Panzarella, Lysa Ashley, Jessica Bennet, Anat Ronan, Lilibeth Andre, Lauren Garnett, Iris Vanessa, Melanie Stimmell Van Latum

Border Team

KIPP Houston High School-Rebekah Tee

KIPP Sunnyside High School and KIPP Spirit Middle School- Randall Mosman

KIPP Academy Middle School-Brandy Hebert

KIPP Sharpstown Middle School-Jessie Peltier

KIPP Liberation- Carla Carter

Looking forward to the 2011 street painting season. I'll keep you posted on my next Live event! Have a great Winter!

Red Hook

"Red Hook Noir" 14x20 oil on linen.

Red Hook – Brooklyn NY, It’s always fun to paint.

available here


"DOWNTOWN" 14"x20" oil on canvas.

My first painting in 2011 that I had started at the end of a summer. My goal this year remains the same- continue to find beauty in everyday life and try to make the ordinary things become extraordinary.
Also I will create more paintings in the size of 8x10 this year. I’m planning to finish a few pieces in this size for auction on eBay in the beginning of February.

for a larger view and purchase info clik here

the Fool

There is another Tarot show at the Hive gallery opening this Saturday (click here for info).. It's the second tarot theme show and I'd started a painting of the Fool for that a few months back but never finished it... maybe that's part of the point of the fool card, it's never finished! but I really like how it's evolving, and I'm trying to keep in the spirit of the fool, happy, unexpected, careless, carefree, and making order from chaos. (update 1/8/11) I took the painting last night to the Hive show and added the much needed dog! So now while the image is a self portrait and a visual analogy for the art of painting, it also has all the iconography of the Fool and could be used in a deck! I chose the Boston terrier first because they are a super neat breed, but also because they are black and white and it works for my painting analogy symbolism. oil on canvas, 36 by 24

The Belief I Hold in Your Ability to Fly

I  still believe in the ability of sites like this (my blog, your blog, Twitter, facebook, etc.) to foster true Democracy. How much respect do you have for your own  truth-telling thought process, independent of all you have been taught in life? Certainly incorporate some of what you have been inculcated with, if it truly resonates with what you yourself know to be true. This is a clarion call for independent, critical thinking---and the willingness to share it with others.

      At least one friend, Zhenne Wood, was inspired by my post. She is an artist and a poet. At the end of her response I shall provide a link to her beautiful blog, All Zhenne And Everything:

Hi Chandra,

I was so taken by your beautiful and poetic title of your most recent blog, I was inspired to quickly write a poemy kind of thing. I didn't want to post it as a comment, but thought you might appreciate a look at it. I wrote it very quickly without editing and for some reason it came out kind of rhymy. Anyway, I guess I could continue writing on it all day but while on the subject of wings - I turn my attention to making little birds for nests. Enjoy a fulfilling and inspiring day, in or out of your little nest.


Here it is:

The Belief I Hold in Your Ability to Fly

Never wavers, never flags, never dims
as across a littered landscape
you skim...

Strewn with abandoned houses,
fallen feathers, detritus of the past
footfalls of broken journeys
that could not last...
you rise above lost territory
continuing to soar...

Mapless, beyond the roiling, darkening skies
you push wings' limits
continuing to rise

'Til, like a beacon spreading eastward
New light reaches and opens your eyes...

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