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Video by: » Tuff City

how to paint a burning bank

I went out with Robert McLendon and made another protest video. It's performance art. I'm getting that feeling in my heart again that we have all fallen asleep letting our sociopathic "leaders" continue their suicide mission of total global control funded by total debt slavery. So this is how my protest comes out, painting banks ablaze and engaging the public. If feels scary in the beginning because you fear the opinion or judgement of others, but the beautiful thing is once you're doing it you realize that everyone is feeling the same thing; we all feel it but we have to share the feeling so we realize again. The audacity of the crimes in our government and financial system, the scale and depth of the corruption, the covert activity and murderous foreign policy; it is outrageous!! Plant your seeds of outrage in the hearts of your friends and in strangers. Outrage with hope is a positive feeling, unlike outrage with desperation which is a state of mind to be afraid of. People, we foolishly believe that the elected and appointed officials holding the reins of politics and finance are actively working on and going to solve our problems (bitterly, problems they created to begin with). The sad truth is these out of control institutions are a greater and more immediate threat to 'homeland security' and the middle class American Dream than any terrorist, no matter who,why or what they believe. The breadth of the fear and trauma caused by this economic meltdown, the dislocation, suffering and despair that will spread across the country into every state and city and neighborhood and home and heart, that will be the beginning of a new darkness in America. That is terrifying. We have to keep pulling at the wheel to turn this juggernaut a new direction; it has a lot of momentum (read 'cronyism') keeping things on their current path of destruction. Folks we must begin to act up again. Make signs and brainstorm actions that engage others, make videos, shirts, flyers, and buttons, buy an ounce of silver. There are a million ways to act up but the most important is simply doing anything. Maybe just sharing this video. Whatever you do though, have fun! Like 'Reverend' Billy here: and here:
oil on canvas, 22 by 28, work in progress


Sunday, April 29th 2012

» Help Shaun Baron aka MAD fight cancer!

All ages from 4pm to 8pm (upstairs only)
21+ on both floors after 8pm
Performances start at 11pm

$5 Donation

@ KungFuNecktie
1248 North Front Street
Philly, PA 19122
Reef The Lost Cauze, Letter M Letter R, Shaz Illyork, Buddy Lee Bunk, Dontique Mangual, Animal Crackaz, Laron the Don, Buze Bruvaz and CF.

DJ's: DJ Ridd, DJ Too Tuff

Live Wall Painting: El Toro, Kasso, NoseGo

Indie show + KD Mini Shop in LA

New works by INDIE 184
Featuring all new Mini Shop by Kweenz Destroy

Opening Reception:
Saturday, May 5th 2012
5:00PM - 8:00PM

@ Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Munky King welcomes New York-based graffiti artist and fashion designer Indie184 with her new solo effort “Go Hard!”. Influenced by all things colorful, happy and sexy, Indie’s exhibition features new works, Kweenz Destroy mini shop, and 18” inch MY LITTLE PONY custom figure. Opening May 5th, 5:00pm-8:00pm, this event is partnered with Hasbro’s MY LITTLE PONY Project: Friendship Is Magic exhibition, beginning at Toy Art Gallery and expanding to include a block party by Melrose Avenue shops. Munky King opens our doors to MY LITTLE PONY fans on May 5th until 11:00pm, giving away exclusive items and DIY ponies sponsored by Hasbro. Live music and refreshments will be served.

MY LITTLE PONY Special Promotion:
First come, first serve! Get a free MY LITTLE PONY item and DIY MY LITTLE PONY toy with any Munky King purchase throughout the month of May. Sponsored by Hasbro’s MY LITTLE PONY Project, exhibiting at Toy Art Gallery May 5-26, 2012.

***Song by MALUCA (with Dillion Francis x Diplo) "Que Que (Torro Torro Remix)" AVAILABLE ON ITUNES NOW!***


Harry Jumonji Documentary!

By Erica Hill Studio. Featuring Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, Skip Engblom, Bruno Musso, Curtis Kulig, Bianca Jebbia and Peter Bici.

GUSTO: The Official Hipster Survival Guide to New York City




alex schaefer in the huffington post

Charlie James sent me a link to a nice piece in the Huffington Post: CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE.


» RECAP: Kool Herc Birthday Bash 2012

Eli Morgan Gesner

The man behind Zoo York, Shut Skates, Phat Farm, and HBO's How To Make It In America...

Video by: » Karmaloop TV
» SkeeTV

Early Eli footage from 1990 with Stretch and Bob, skate legend Beasley 79 (R.I.P.), The God Bonz Malone and CLAW MONEY

TCK Crew Podcast #11

And once again for your listening pleasure... Dj Nasty Vaz and the g.o.d Bzar bring to you the Typical City Kids Podcast!


Sacred Stitch Clothing Spring 2012 Collection

For Immediate Release:

April 25, 2012
Sacred Stitch Clothing Spring 2012 Collection:

Best known for their hand drawn graphics, New York based clothing brand Sacred Stitch advances their position in the fashion community with the drop of their highly anticipated 2012 Spring/Summer collection. This quickly maturing brand is marking the release of their first cut and sew products by offering three custom button downs crafted in traditional woven patterns with contrasting accents. As done in past seasons, the line consists of two themed capsules as well as their classic branded tees. This season's "Freak Show" and "Gangs of NY" capsules, in true Sacred Stitch fashion, throw tribute to the grittier elements of New York that have made it the place we know today. This season's five panel hat offering features a variety of five fabrics that range from classic to funkier patterns, all of which are sure to be Spring/Summer staples. In addition to their five panel hat offering, six original snapbacks have been designed around the colorways of this seasons tees and premium fleece pieces. All a part of the biggest offering thus far from this fast growing brand, the 2012 Spring/Summer collection is sure to make some noise.

In recognition of the brands biggest collection, the » website has been completely redesigned with a clean and fresh new look. Its lighter tones and simpler layout provide an optimized user experience for the thousands who visit the site.

The complete lookbook can be viewed at:


art reviews for Alex Schaefer

Here's a great review from Argot & Ochre! So excited to be hitting people on two levels: content AND paint quality. aahahaahaha!

RECAP: Klughaus / Two of A Kind Exhibition

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Klughaus Gallery and LRG proudly present 'Two Of A Kind', an exhibition of photographs by Tom Gould and Anna Delany, sponsored by Duggal.

Tom Gould and Anna Delany debut their latest work in a show which features photographs of the streets of New York shot exclusively on 35mm black and white film. Marking a difference between the millions of images of metropolitan New York, Gould and Delany's photographs document the frequently overlooked beauty of the neighborhoods and communities outside of mainstream media. Many images featured in their upcoming exhibition capture subtleties of everyday life from their adoptive neighborhood in Brooklyn's, Bedford Stuyvesant.

Individually following an instinctive pull towards the things that had influenced them early in life, Gould and Delany both found themselves immersed in the streets of New York, some 9,000 miles away from their homes in New Zealand.

Perpetually fascinated by the cultural movements birthed in New York, Gould let fate lead him to the city's streets. Suddenly surrounded by all the elements which growing up he had been so influenced by, Gould began documenting his environment with the insight of a local and the fresh perspective of an outsider.

He reflects, "Taking pictures on the street is like going to a casino, you never know who you're going to meet, what's going to happen, or what you are going to come home with. The fact that you can head out with a handful of empty rolls of film and return with images and memories that could last a lifetime, makes the gamble all worthwhile."

Delany shares a similar view. With an avid interest in people and humanity, the luck in her photography lies in the characters she encounters. "Some people I photograph I might know for a day, others I may end up knowing the rest of my life... It's all the people you meet along the way which make up your experience."


goldman sacks (sic)

...and they plunder and pillage and they laugh and flip you off all the while. Here's an evolution of this canvas. It's been around the block. It started off as a live painting of Michael Q. Schmidt posing as Silenus at the Hive gallery. Then it languished for nearly a year, which sometimes happens, and got nice and dry in the meantime. Then a month ago I picked it up and started a Royal Bank of Scotland "Massacre of the Innocents" by Rubens master copy. But then I switched gears last minute and painted a Goldman Sachs bacchanal instead, which came out great! Here are a few shots of the evolution of the canvas and a photo from the show at Charlie James gallery Blogger doesn't display the images hi-res, but hopefully you get the idea...

Fuck the 80's

This olympics themed "Fuck the Eighties" painting was a real hit at the show and I thought I'd post some work in progress shots of the evolution of the painting. This is how I like to paint these days always trying to tackle the whole piece at once and arrive at detail all over. So the three photos taken at different stages show a little of that idea. It was at the points of these photographs taken that I stopped and let the whole thing dry for a bit and then I would jump on it with wet paint and work here and there all over it until it's all brought up to the desired level of overall detail. It's a tricky and disaster-prone way to go but it's so FUN!


Video & Flick by: »

» Vintage Vandalizm

» @ TUFF CITY / 17 Essex Street / NYC

Faile’s Public Art Project & Celebratory Party


Thursday, April 26th 2012
8:00pm – 11:30pm

» VICE are at it again with another theoretical 4 hour open bar. This is in celebration of a new public art project which covers an entire building facade at 104 N. 7th in Brooklyn.

@ The Wythe Hotel
80 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

THE YOK & SHERYO + DAEK @ Green Villain

» ZOMBY Music



Opening Reception:
Saturday, April 28th 2012

@ Trumbull Studio
143 Roebling St. #5 (3rd Floor)
Brooklyn, NY


opening night photos

What a night it was Saturday at the Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles! An amazing crowd of people showed up and it was absolutely thrilling for me to get to show the paintings. The work was well curated and hung to perfection, elegance. And people at the show really loved both what the paintings were about and the paintings themselves as beautifully painted works of art. I'm so glad about that because being someone who loves painting and art history, that it's almost more important how something is painted than what a painting depicts. When I go to a museum I go more to see the paintings themselves, not so much the stories the paintings are telling. I've gotten a ton of compliments, I'm so excited about that! Art writer Ezrha Jean Black wrote to me "Smashing show the other night at CJ -- what a painter you are! (The political swipes (all richly earned & scarcely overpaid) are the merest icing here -- though rich indeed to be iced by your buttercream brush.) Congrats." and artist Kent Twitchell wrote: "Saw your paintings tonight at the Charlie James Gallery. I loved them. Great work." I've never been happier people!! Thank you all for coming. The show is running through May 26th Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 6 PM and by appointment T: 213.687.0844

3D Street Painting In Thailand!

The last few months have been the busiest start to the street painting season thus far.  It's been great...hoping it continues ;)  

In March I traveled to Thailand with 5 other artists, via my new company We Talk Chalk, to create Thailand's first 3D street paintings and also give a few workshops to local artists.  We were invited by a wonderful events company in Chiang Mai called Earth Wind and Fire headed up by the most amazing power couple, Yut and Aom.  They provided us with the most incredible hospitality we could have ever asked for.  

So, 4 of us teamed up to create a 15 x 67 foot painting that traveled from ground to wall and took 5 days to complete.  Tony Cubuliquido, Lysa Ashly, my husband Remco Van Latum, and I had a great time painting this with pigments & binder and designed it so spectators could pose for pics on our sacred Thai Elephants.  Here's a photo of us sitting atop the majestic creatures.  

Ruben Poncia from the Netherlands, and Juandres Vera from Mexico rounded out our team and create two beautiful individual 3D paintings that drew crowds.

Sacred Creatures

BUY NOW! "The Yok" New Print

Hand silk screened on quality art paper, limited to 25 copies, approx A2 size. $80 each. Plus a limited number of hand coloured prints on brown art paper. approx A2 size. $120 each. Inquiries:


Graff Session 9: FC / TDS / EOS / MTA Crews

Featuring: Teck MTA, Ree MTA, Part TDS, Vins EOS•FC, Sire EOS•TDS, Jabs EOS•TDS

Video by: »

The Hub: Revisiting FASHION MODA

No Longer Empty will host an afternoon panel entitled, The Hub: Revisiting FASHION MODA with special screenings before and after the discussion that will present artists' projects and a view into youth, environment and the subculture of that time. Artists who effected and were effected by FASHION MODA will get together to discuss the relevance of its concept in today's art context and the role of art in communities.

Panelists include Stefan Eins (Artist, Founder of FASHION MODA), Lisa Kahane (Photographer), CRASH (Artist and Curator), and LEE (Artist), and moderator Joyce Manalo (Co-Author of PANTHEON: A History of Arts from the Street of New York City).
Filmmakers include Jane Dickson (Filmmaker and Mixed Media Artist), Charlie Ahearn (Director and Filmmaker), Tony Silver & Henry Chalfant (Director and Filmmaker).

Sunday, April 29
2:30PM Film Screening - Jane Dickson, City Maze, 1980, 7 minutes and 32 seconds
2:45PM Film Screening - Charlie Ahearn, Juanito: Walton Avenue 1984, 1991, 7 minutes
3:00PM Panel - Panelists include Stefan Eins, Lisa Kahane, CRASH, LEE, and moderator Joyce Manalo
3:55PM Panel - Q&A, 20 minutes
4:30PM Film Screening - Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant, a 9 minute clip from Style Wars, 1984, 69 minutes

@ The Andrew Freedman Home
1125 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10452

For more information please visit:

RECAP: WEST NYC / Pro-Keds / DJ Jazzy Jeff / Biz Markie

» More photos...

GRIME follows Cory Townes as he attends his father's, DJ Jazzy Jeff, shoe release with Pro Keds. The event took place at West NYC in Manhattan with the legendary Biz Markie manning the tables.

Filmed by Anthony Campusano
Edited by Noah Stack


147 West 72nd street
New York, NY 10023

Brookfield: Cope2 / Cern / Billi Kid

Flick by: » BILLI KID
Video by: » Carlos Baptista

REID HARRIS COOPER Presents All Talk - It wasn't all talk


A short document piece based on the art group show at Pandemic Gallery.

» Pop Culture Spectrum

Fresh Paint NYC RECAP: » "ALL TALK" @ Pandemic Gallery

I just realized...

...the blogging new artwork moratorium is OVER! The show at Charlie James Gallery is hung and still secret and as such you much come out TOMORROW at 6pm to 9pm on Chung King Road in Chinatown, Los Angeles and check out all the new work and say Hi!! It's going to be a great night in Chinatown, because I know for certain that Mat Gleason's Coagula Curatorial gallery is opening it's first show just a few doors down so there's going to be a double big crowd! Anyway back to the point now I can post new artworks in progress in my studio again! woohoo! This is a big 4 by 7 foot F the 80's Olympics themed piece I started with the intention of finishing for the show but I found another image that worked better with the other three paintings and was same size 48 by 36 so I focused on that (you can see all FOUR on Saturday, btw). But I like this piece nonetheless and will keep putting more paint on in this direction. Like all all the paintings I've been doing from youtube video reference, this is a digitally arranged compostion pieced together from multiple frames of the clip. It's fun because I get to make something more exciting than the actual video, but still with that feeling of instantaneous authenticity. acrylic on canvas, 48 by 84 inches

TEKNYC - ZEAR FAME CITY KINGS in El Jaguel,Argentina

TEKNYC Video Blog #1
Filmed in El Jaguel,Argentina with Zear FC.



In Puerto Rico with » BLEN 167 KINGS DESTROY

Video by: »

Happy 4/20 Fresh Paint NYC Style...

GURU R.I.P. (July 17, 1961 - April 19, 2010)

Philly Wickeds: CURVE / SEYCE

Spotted in Brooklyn...

happy clean studio

The show is hung at Charlie James Gallery and all ready for the crowd on Saturday! I can't wait! I hope everyone reading this can make it, Saturday April 21st from 6p to 9p on Chung King Road in Chinatown Los Angeles. I put the last bits of color on the latest painting on Tuesday morning, dropped off the last two paintings Tuesday afternoon, they hung it Wednesday, Friday the photographer comes, Saturday's the show! whew! I thought today I was going to take a break and do nothing but I got into a cleaning spree and mopped and tidied up the whole workspace. Love it! Nice, clean and organized.

Tonight! ERNI VALES Presents "An Unusual Journey"

Erni Vales presents a selection of prints from "An Unusual Journey" 169 pieces in the past 13 months!

Opening Reception:
April 19th, 2012
5pm - till

@ The Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave, NYC


Art MIRAGE Legacy / Kingdom NYC

“Kingdom” (AKA KDM) is derived from The “Kingdom Crew”, a connected group of street artists who displayed their work in and around Long Island and NYC from the mid to late 1980′s.

The Kingdom Crew was started by the late graffiti artist “Mirage” and “Sketch One”. The crew had a simple mission and philosophy which was to develop a “kingdom” of individuals, who fostered a sense of creativity and displayed boundless efforts of self expression. Kingdoms mission today remains the same

Kingdom’s logo is from the iconic 80's NYC graffiti artist Mirage. Mirage's symbol was “A three toed pair of footprints” , which other writers referred to as "The Feet". Mirage's footprints created a new platform in NYC graffiti, and set the stage for, influenced and inspired various artists in the years to follow.


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