New Work, New Video!

Yay! I am so excited to not only bring you new work of mine but to also do it in a cute video format. For me, this summer has been all about whimsey. I hope you enjoy!

-Please drop me an email if you have any questions about any of these pieces. Many are either for sale or in the process of getting prints made. Thank you.

Catalina Island

I was in Catalina this weekend and brought my art supplies. Three nights and two paintings! The first is the Catalina Pier which I painted in the bright afternoon light, oil on canvas, 12 by 24, and the second is the Avalon Casino painted in the "June Gloom" morning fog, oil on canvas, 18 by 24. Also here's a couple shots of my setup on location.

gene in his garden

I got a commission yesterday to paint art collector Gene D. and his garden out in Santa Monica, so today I went out and got the job done! I was there at 2pm sharp and started right away...i painted 4.5 hours and by the end the light had completely changed/disappeared, but I stuck with the 2 or 3pm feeling for the painting which is when the light felt most vivid to me. He loved it! and I got to enjoy the day painting by the ocean. It's nice to find collectors who appreciate the spontaneous, the impressionist the painterly... In this age of crystalline digital perfection there's something to be said for the handmade. oil on canvas, 36 by 18

3D Street Painting, UK

From every angle it will be almost unrecognizable, a frenzy of abstract color gradations and smudges, but from just the right spot, a sultry showgirl will come to life. The image, titled ‘Special Delivery’ is Melanie Stimmell’s 3D street painting which she will create at The FRINGEMK International Pavement and Street Art Festival this July. Chosen from an international list of participants for her wonderful Renaissance style and captivating alabaster figures, Melanie will compete before an extimated 300, 000 visitors in Milton Keyes, England. The Pavement Art Festival takes place in the largest indoor space in Milton Keynes, Middleton Hall, from 12 – 16 July. This event combines technical brilliance and live performance art of 8 artists, including Stimmell, the only artist from the U.S., and will be a visual feast. The focus of the event is the ‘anamorphic’ technique, or 3 Dimensional drawings and paintings that create vast optical illusions.

I'm so excited to be traveling to the UK for FRINGEMK. I've designed a really fun image and am looking forward to chalking amongst incredible artists for this special event. Stay tuned for pics. But for now, I'm heading to La Jolla Arts Festival where I will be the featured chalk artist where the theme is illusions in art. So, I've designed another anamorphic piece titled "The Emergence of Art." In addition to my street painting, I'll also have a Fine Arts booth. I'll be displaying several of my paintings and limited edition prints from my recent solo show, "Vessels of the Avant Garde."

blocking in a head drawing

this video goes out to Donald from Germany who asked about what I keep in mind when I'm drawing a portrait head from life. Then Luciano and I had fun coloring it in!

Todd Lilienthal, Artists, Babysitting, and John Henry

I am reminded of the day I met Todd Lilienthal, now a thundering musician, singer, steal-drivin' banjo man with his band out of Boulder, Colorado, Moonshiner.

I met Baby Aaron's brother Todd when he was just a year older than in his photo (right), closer to the age he is in the photo with Aaron, but earlier than that, at about age six. I was glad to know this talented person until he was eight. At the time I was very happy to meet such a personable, engaging, friendly boy in my new job as nanny on Quail Avenue, in the Berkeley hills just shy of Grizzley Peak, near Tilden park.
I was primarily there to care for his new born brother Aaron, A little bitty boy, layin' in the palm of yer' hand... oh wait. I guess that was John Henry, Aaron was a little bigger than that, 'tho he was but two weeks old when our association began.
I found them both on facebook! Amazingly, the boy I knew from age six to eight, Todd, is now the leader of a steal-drivin' gang... hold on. He is a great banjo picker, a singer of John Henry, and covers of other great bluegrass, soul and rock tunes such as Time (Pink Floyd), Brown-Eyed Women (Grateful Dead), as well as some they wrote themselves, and many wonderful others. The painting is of some of the tools of my own trade.

Moonshiner has been described thus:

"The hard driving newgrass outfit from Boulder County is known for their invigorating innovations of traditional forms with insurmountable twang."
Marc Tonglen, The Mountain Ear

"Moonshiner formed based on long standing friendships and common, deep rooted musical interests. The band is focused on playing high energy shows and writing tunes that fit their unique style of playing..." is their description of themselves

Moonshiner link is to your right at this blog, have a listen!

project angelfood!

I just got back from the Get:Art fundraiser show for Project Angel Food. What a great night! I sold the landscape I gave to the show (clickback) and last minute asked the organizer about painting 20 minute portraits which turned out to be a hit! I painted on, and sold, all seven canvases I brought and still had people wanting me to paint more! I thought I was only going to paint for an hour and a half so I figured I had more than enough supplies, but everyone was so excited about it that they had me paint all night and I just plain ran out. All told I gave and the collectors bought enough of my art to provide 340 meals to people suffering and in need! I feel like that's good karma. I'm on top of the world right now! I didn't get pictures of all the paintings, but if anyone watching got some good pictures or video and you're reading this, send it my way, thanks! Here's a few shots of some satisfied customers, and as I told them, a reasonable likeness for a reasonable price. ahahahahah!

The first weekend of June was spent on the streets of Larimer square in Denver, Colorado. It's an event I do every year because I enjoy it so much. The festival has such a great turn out and the people are so nice.

The painting I created is called the "Love Letter." The original is by Gabriel Joseph Marie Augustin Ferrier. What a name! This is a pic of the figures without the background. I always like the photos of the paintings unfinished...they are a bit more provocative and feel like they are emerging from the asphalt.
I chose this image not only because of it's sweetness but also because of the woman's red hair. I love painting red hair and even added my signature orb up top.

Here's more info for next years event!

Larimer Arts Association
1430 Larimer Square, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202
303.685.8143 (p)
303.623.1041 (f)


This week I am guest curator of the awesome online community CRESCENDOh. Brought to us by Stampington's former Editor in Chief, the fabulous, Jenny Doh. The powerful message the community shares is that "Art Saves". So this week, my personal art saves story along with inspiring links I have selected will be featured on the front page. Please go check it out. :)

feel the velvet!

I slapped another coat of paint on this number. Feel the Velvet! I got some mention on Kollectible Kulture's website, click here to see their post about this painting. oil on canvas, 48 by 36

Painting the Town! with Azalia Snail

Our musical guest and portraitee this show was the Azalia Snail! This is the second documented use of glitter and jewels in my work, the first can be seen here: Joint Custody Project. ;) the painting is 28 by 22, oil, glitter, and plastic jewels on canvas. enjoy!
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Baby Aaron

The miracle of facebook for me is that I was able to reconnect with Aaron, the tiny babe I cared for from the time he was two weeks old until he was two years old. What an adorable little golden- curled personality was this child.

I would stroke the little soft spot where the cranium has not yet closed in infants ever so gently, barely touching it. A look of sweetest contentment would enlighten his already Yogic little face as he lay upon my belly, then the two of us would sleep an hour or two.
His first word was "Nanra," for Chandra. Then he said "Mama," "dogie" for doggy, "hoie," for horsie for the giant horse that the Revolutionary War soldier rode in the enormous painting at the Berkeley Art Museum. It was wheelchair/stroller accessible, and I frequented it with Baby Aaron on a regular basis.

I had taken care of and taught art to hundreds if not thousands of children (beginning when I was eleven, until well into my thirties) by the time I met Aaron, and after as well; but he is the stand-out in my memory, the most precious little infant of all. we met when I was twenty-eight, as I recall. Now Aaron is studying for the Bar examination!

Pages are from my book, Insomnia (Awakening).

Assemblage sculpture was the first of it's kind that I did. It is made from the baby-suit, tiny tee-shirt, and outgrown stroller given to me by his mother. It was created in the garage of his parents that they graciously allowed me to use as my art studio.

The original photo of the piece (smallest, yellow and black) was taken by Amanda Dahl, for the website created by Aki Sasaki for my work,

"One and One"


"One and One" 12x18 Oil on canvas.

I hope this one explains itself. If you’ve been there once you will recognize the place immediately. This painting was inspired by one of my art collector.

Princess Peach and Inky, a love story

Last night was the Hive show and Nathan asked me to liven up the proceedings with some live painting. So I brought a canvas that I'd previously done some live painting on and jumped on it again, keeping the video game theme. I like it even better now! oil on canvas, 40 by 30 (I painted more on it today so I'm updating the photo!)

The Hive Gallery!

Come to the Hive gallery this Saturday the 5th starting at 8pm for the big June show! The address is 729 S. Spring St. 90014. It's a video game themed group show in which I am showing my 8-bit Mona Lisa. Also in the back I am showing four paintings. It's all for sale, art collectors! Check the video for a walk-thru. Click here for the Hive Gallery link.

8-bit mona lisa

This is a painting for the next Hive show which has a video game theme... I only worked on games as far back as 16-bit, but I have fond memories of the Atari 2600! this was a 5 color palette (white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, and ultramarine blue)and 216 total brushstrokes. acrylic on canvas, 36 by 24.

Buy all kinds of 8-bit mona lisa products. I suggest a mousepad or coffe mug! ahahaha!

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