"Fire Escapes -III"

14"x18" Oil on linen. ....................Sold

New York City fire escapes are an interesting subject to paint, which happen to be an art form of their own. This painting is a corner of Broome and Mercer streets in Soho.

"On the Way"

Oil on linen. 12"x18".

I almost finished 5 new paintings. Here is the first one. I love to paint railroads, especially scenes like this one - quit and calm. It defiantly deserves painting status.

If you are interested in purchasing this painting click here

sam's town

Here's a painting I'm working on based on a few photos I took in Las Vegas... This is Sam's Town Hotel and Casino off the strip. My ultimate goal is to keep the physical energy up in the painting and the color feeling "real" while working from photography which has major limitations for me when it comes to "interesting-ness" and color. Somehow I want to paint more blatantly expressionistic when I'm working from a relatively dull source image like a photograph. I'm trying to capture the black blacks, jarring contrast and saturated colors inside a casino. oil on linen, 40 by 28

I Madonnari Street Painting Festival

Santa Barbara had another great year of street painting despite the recent fires. My sponsor was Carol Ostroff CPA - I've had the same sponsor the last 3 years & she is great! After painting butterflies in my Mother Nature painting in Houston, I was excited to try some more. So, I chose to do a reproduction of a Sophie Anderson's Butterfly Fairy. I love the image with the velvety butterflies, flowing blonde hair, & little satin sachel the fairy is holding. The butterflies came out especially vibrant by using some home-made pastels. The colors are more rich and velvety...especially that dark blue one.


I was in Las Vegas for the Memorial Day weekend and wanted to make sure to get some urban landscape painting in. Vegas is a crazy town and not necessarily 'plein air' friendly but I was determined. So here's a couple works made on the spot, both looking up and down Fremont Street. I also took lots of photos and want to see what I can do with those 'in studio'. oil on canvas, 30 by 24 and 20 by 16

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Yahoo group Fun!

In our new Soul Journaling Yahoo group I noticed not a whole lot of art was being posted so I decided to get things rolling by having a drawing to win a piece of my art! The only rules were that you had to post one or more photos in our group albums of original work that you have made based on my prompts. I'm very happy to say that now our group has lots of lovely artwork from our very talented ladies to browse through.

Here's the piece of art I was offering as part of the drawing! The music sheet reads " And thy voice speaks". This piece was from one of the demo painting canvas's I had sent to Somerset Studio Magazine for my Workshop article (on newsstands now). After I got the pieces back I decided to finish them and am very happy with how they turned out.

I drew names from the list of albums last night and the winner is....

Dianne (hoppinghessian) !!

Congratulations Dianne!

Just for fun I decided to also give ephemera packs to those kind folks who had taken the time to comment on others work posted in the albums!

I plan on having more games, contests and other frivolity in the future as part of our new Soul Journaling Yahoo group. If you'd like to join in the fun we'd love to have you! Here's the link. :)

good in bed

another day, another new painting over another past failure. When you paint a lemon, make lemonade! I was on Let's Paint TV this morning and for some reason "La Maja Desnuda" came up... so here's a take at Goya's masterpiece. oil on canvas, 18 by 36

Let's Paint jogging in Malibu!


I felt like painting something but I didn't feel like going out today. So I stayed home and threw this together, painted over an old failed canvas... It may turn out to be an underpainting for more future painting, but at the moment, I like it. oil on canvas, 40 by 30

updated May 26th, 2009

life drawing at the hive

Yesterday, and every other Sunday, is life drawing at the Hive Gallery from 5 to 7pm for $10. Yuki is in charge of the booking and she's doing a great job getting people with cool costumes and attitude. Here's Debra Haden from Feminine Oddities doing her thing for us yesterday... 3, 10, and 15 minute poses

Fleur De Lis

With modern photo-copy magic, we can transform any desired image into a stencil, any size. These photos are from a job completed recently, is this too much fun?

Copyright doesn't cover personal use, imagine transforming one of your walls into a trademark piece like this: anything is possible. The design was photocopied, enlarged, then stenciled onto the walls of the wardrobe. You probably recognize the Louis Vuitton motif.

Here are more photos of the drag effect, our paint is metallic as you can see in the close-up.

live painting

Thursday and Friday I was painting 20 minute portraits at the Hive and at Altadena Junction. There were good crowds and lots of people will to sit and be part of the action. Here's how they came out... oil on canvas, 12 by 9

Soul Journaling Prompt: Tools and Materials Scavenger Hunt!

Your objective: To make a visual journal spread using only the tools and materials on the list below. No basic tools such as glue, paintbrushes, scissors, etc. can be used unless you find a way to make it fit on the list. For instance, “something metal” can be a tool such as a scissors. But do you really NEED a scissors? Or can you tear out your images? Something metal can also be a material such as a really cool embellishment. Challenge yourself to use objects in new ways and break free of relying on your favorite tools. But most importantly have fun!

Find these items and get creating!




Your journal (primed and ready to go)
Something out of your trash bin
A paper clip
Something you got in the mail
3 colors of acrylic paint (your choice)
Something found on a sidewalk
Two different kinds of pens
Something Soft
A bottle cap
An image of someone smiling :D
An image of something that starts with the letter R
Something made out of plastic
Something sticky
Something metal
Something with a number on it
Something shiny
Something that starts with the letter A

To see all of my steps and get a special easy to print .pdf file of this prompt and future prompts join our Soul Journaling Yahoo group.

Here's my finished spread. I can't wait to see what you create!
For more info about Soul Journaling please visit: www.souljournaling.com

paradise cove

John Kilduff and I went to Paradise Cove in Malibu today after Lets Paint TV. What a beautiful place and a perfect day! Here's what I came up with, and also a shot of the scene with Kilduff in action. oil on linen, 24 by 48

family portraits

I was down in San Diego for Mother's Day and did a couple portraits, one of my sister Cayli (who is an avid knitting blogger, check her blog here ) and one of her son Sean. I think I got a better likeness of my sister who was quite still, I think Sean was into sitting for a painting for about 2 minutes and then he was a moving target! lol, he's awesome. oil on canvas, 12 by 9 and 14 by 11

point dume

I went out with John Kilduff for some landscape painting at the same place that was too windy a couple days ago. Much calmer and somewhat overcast, which I hope helps Santa Barbara. A police officer stopped and chatted to us for a bit, nice guy! He said he's an amateur photographer so he got a shot of us painting with the view in the background. He said he'd e-mail it to me, I hope so! So here's a view of Point Dume in Malibu, oil on canvas, 36 by 18

7th and Broadway

Here's another urban life drawing. I started it May 2nd and finished it today. This is the opposite corner from the previous drawing, looking toward Clifton's. sharpie and wite-out on paper, 18 by 12

malibu canyon

I went out with John Kilduff after Let's Paint TV today to paint some landscape 'en plein air' as we do. It was REALLY windy out today! We first went to the beach to paint Point Dume, but it was impossible to paint out there, so we backtracked to this spot overlooking Malibu Canyon Road. oil on canvas, 24 by 36

life drawing at the Hive

Life drawing is back on at the Hive, every other Sunday from 5 to 7pm. Here are a few assorted 3 and 5 minutes poses...

portaits at the hive

I still have fun painting these 20 minute portraits at the Hive openings and such. I think that it's because everyone is different. Friends and strangers all sat and posed and helped make it fun for me and anyon at the show how wanted to watch the painting process. So here are four more attempts at getting a nice juicy likeness.

drawing downtown

I met a friend at the Hive yesterday for some plein air urban landscape. I felt like drawing rather than painting so here's what I ended up with, it was a fun exploration to see how much of the scene I could fit on my paper. It was an interesting day, being May 1st. When we started it seemed like another day downtown, but by the time we finished a couple hours later, the marches were getting quite big and lots of streets closed off. So here's the corner of 7th and Broadway. sharpie on paper, 16 by 11

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