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Street Painting Artist in Residence

I have had the great honor of being chosen as the Artist Speaker for an intimate evening of fine dining and conversation at 'Lon's at the Hermosa Inn' of Scottsdale, Arizona. The series, who featured actress, author, and painter Jane Seymore last month, showcases critically acclaimed artists and their work.

To give guests an actually street painting experience I created a 4 x 6 foot street painting on canvas which I displayed at the entrance. My presentation included images of my work and an interactive discussion on how street painting became my career.
While in Scottsdale I also held a workshop for local artists participating in the cities first Via Colori Street Painting Festival. I will be returning in October as the festivals Featured artist.

Art and Soul Swaps

One of the coolest things about an Art retreat like Art and Soul are the trades. People trade at meal times, before and after classes, in the elevators, everywhere. Since this was my first retreat I wasn't sure what types of trades to expect and was told "anything goes". Boy were they right! Here are a few of the things I received as trades:

People gave ATC's, pendants, ephemera packets, rings, tags, pins, etc. And since the theme this year was "By the Sea" many of the swaps were sea related, which I loved!
Because I wasn't sure what to expect I came extra prepared with ATC's, Ephemera baggies, and fishies with charms that are detachable. (sorry for the glare)

At the end of the week I got a bit tired and forgot to ask people if they were trading. I wish now I had because I came home with extras. If you were at Art and Soul and didn't get a chance to trade with me and have extras too I'd love to trade with you. Or even if you weren't there and would like to trade please email me. :)

Art and Soul Part 2

****This is part 2 of my adventures at Art and Soul for the full story please read part 1 first.***

On the second day we took Leighana Light's Vintage metal treasure deck class. She is also a delightful person and always had something positive to say to everyone about the piece they were working on. I didn't finish my deck because I got all caught up with cutting a hole in the middle of one of my cards and that took a while. I think most people made their's more simple in an effort to get it done but I'm never one to follow rules. lol

Here is what I have so far, they are supposed to be all chained together with dodads and found objects when complete. I very much enjoyed the "rusting" process and my plan is for a "Mermaid" themed deck... one of my favorite muses:

Ephemera goodies she gave us, the metal before and after rusting and the two cards I managed to finish.

Other side of cut card:

(Oh and I should probably mention that these Mermaids are from Alpha Stamps. I can honestly say they are my favorite mermaid images to date so I use them all the time. )

That night we took Susan Lenart-Kazmers Uncommon Objects in Tassels and Fringe. Neither of us had ever made jewelry before so I was fairy proud of myself for making this funky ring.
We learned how to use all the jewelry tools, metal punches, jewelry saw, torch, drill, patina and all the other tools I was afraid of using before taking her classes.

The following morning we took her Objects and Elements: creating Talisman jewelry class.
I was glad to have the full day with her to reinforce the things we had quickly learned the night before. I have a fairly good start on my bracelet and I made the chain myself link by link using copper wire that had been flattened, twisted, and finally dipped in patinia. And I think I only need around 50 or so more charms to finish it. LOL

Everyone had the night free to attend vendor night which was an amazing feast of cool vintage stuff to buy and art work by all the teachers. Here are some goodies I picked up:

The last Day My Mom and I split up and she took another Sally Jean class "the Girls got Gothic, a Gothic arch pendant class" and I took Morpheus box: A transformation chamber with Micheal deMeng.

I gotta say I am a big fan of Micheal's and was a bit intimidated walking into his class. After a few minutes though I was set at ease by his charm and witt. One of the things I loved so much about this retreat was how laid back and accessible everyone was. You bumped elbows with the teachers all the time at meal times or in the elevators and at cocktail hour everyone came down to chat and talk about what they had made in class that day. We all become friends at the end of the retreat and I can't wait to see everyone again next year.

My box is unfinished as it was again a generous project to tackle in one day but this was probably my favorite class at the retreat. Not only did Micheal share his recipes for making his trade mark paints but he also held critique at the end of the class that really brought me back to my college art class days. BTW, you may think that your using Dioxazine Purple and Red Iron Oxide but according to Micheal they are really called "goofy grape" and "serial killer red". What a cool guy. :)

The idea is that when finished the middle block will spin and show different images. The theme for mine was sort of a peep or burlesque show. The frame is made from rulers and the keys are hanging on a part of an old horse bit. There are words carved into the paint and the buttons represent the fancy gowns worn by these women. Obviously it has a long way to go with paint and the addition of images on the center block. It is very dark right now and I may decide to change that later.

That night we took Juliana Coles Extreme Journalism class. It was kinda weird but made me want to continue journaling so I guess that's good. :)

Part 3: Swaps at Art and Soul -coming soon!

Oh and if you were at Art and Soul... yes, I was one one wearing the pink fuzzy slipppers! hehe

Learn more about this retreat by visiting:

Art and Soul 2008: Part 1

Well I am back from Art and Soul in Hampton Virginia. I waited a few days to write this because frankly the whole trip was quite over whelming. We (my Mother and I) drove up 12.5 hours from Florida and arrived on the 29th. We decided to go up a day early and just enjoy the city and we did just that. When we arrived we were greeted by a gorgeous hotel. An Embassy Suites which is owned by Hilton. I believe all the rooms were suites with a small bar area, fridge, Microwave and living room area. The hotel itself had 3 glass elevators and marble flooring, a full service spa, gift shop, pool, fitness center, business center, whirlpool, and Restaurant. Basically anything you need and more for a wonderful week stay. A free beautiful breakfast buffet with everything from your basic cereals, yogurt and grapefruit, bagels, croissants, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and much more, to made to order Omelet's and pancakes. Needless to say I ate very well every morning. And at night there was a manager's reception with free Alcoholic drinks and snacks too. ;)

Manager's reception on the first night. These are only pictures we managed to take of each other. I guess we just got too wrapped up in all the fun. Oh did I mention you got goodies when you checked in? Art supplies (Golden paint, stamps, etc), a lunch bag and a beach ball.

Our free day (the 30th) we woke up and both had amazing 1 hour massages at the spa. Then we took the shuttle downtown and had lunch at a cute Virginia Tea room. We explored all the small shops and a local art guild store and also happened into Gerome Meminger's studio which was also downtown. I bought one of his books and it was kinda funny happenstance because the next day at the conference center we saw many more of his paintings hanging there and we got to say "I know him". When we got back to our hotel we had the best meal ever at the hotel's restaurant.

We were scheduled to take a 8 hour class every day, break for dinner, and then another 3 hour class everyday Thurs-Sun.

Our first day was Soldering for Virgins with Sally Jean Alexander and Doodles and letters with Traci Bautista. Sally Jean was one of the sweetest people I met on this trip. She was super fun and bubbly and at some point she learned that it was my Birthday so she had her husband Brad AKA MR. Sally Jean sneak out and buy Cupcakes for the whole class. They surprised me after our lunch break with a chorus of "Happy Birthday". Needless to say it was a super Birthday!

Sally passed out instructions for everything we covered in class, fun ephemera and materials, bubble gum and of course her trademark candy necklaces. Here is my yellow name tag that got me into all my classes, some of the class loot, her book and the charms I made. The "paint" charm I bought from her at vendor night and is so much better that what I did in class. Though at the end of the class she had a "trunk show" of some of her first charms that were pretty bad and that made me feel a lot better about my first attempts. She showed us how to make the bubbles on the side but I haven't tried it yet on any of mine. I'm hoping to get just the plain soldering down first

That night in Traci's class:

My Hands after Traci's class.

For me this class was just perfect! Whenever I make art lately I am so stressed about composition and rules. Knowing when and when not to break them. Wondering if people will get this or that meaning. In this class we spent the night slopping, scraping and smooshing paint around making papers and stamps and doodling. She started the night with exercises to help free us up and allow us to enter back into a childlike state where there were no rules and ALL art is good and fun.

Here is her book, kit and some of the papers I made in her class:

What she drew in my book:

This class was so therapeutic for me that I even came home and made a giant stack of papers. I have no idea yet what I will do with them all.

I even had some pretty paper towels when I was done: