Street Painting for Grandparents Day

A few months ago I visited Mariners Christian School in the O.C. to give my Italian Street Painting Workshop. I've been teaching the workshops at schools throughout Southern California through the Orange County Performing Art Center's Arts Teach program for the last 4 years. The school requested I help the students create a larger than life painting to celebrate Grandparents and Special Persons day held annually at the school. I designed and drew the image prior to the students arrival. After a presentation on the history of street painting and inspiring images, we head out to begin the painting.

Within 3 hours the students painted the entire image with beautiful results. They created a very warm welcome for their Grandparents!

New Bouguereau Collage sheets!!!

I can't contain my excitement. My very first Collage sheets have landed at Alpha Stamps and they turned out GORGEOUS!!

Alpha Stamps prints all of their sheets on cardstock, fabric, acetate, or clear stickers! How cool is that? I love options.

All of these pieces were made with my 3 new Bouguereau Collage sheets that I designed; available exclusively through Alpha Stamps.


"Day dreaming"


Stay tuned for one more Bouguereau "Angels" sheet coming out mid-summer and other fun secret stuff I've got in the works. ;)

"Day Dreaming" and "Life" are for sale now through my Etsy store!


YAY! This is my newest mixed-media painting. It is quite large and measures about (24 x 36 ") It was a real "beast" of a project and took me quite a while to finish. Materials include: Acrylic paint on canvas, vintage paper, papyrus sheet, inks, acetate, and beeswax. (It is sealed in a thin layer of beeswax. The wax not only protects but adds to the texture and mood of the piece. The texture of the wax is difficult to capture in the photos.)

This piece was inspired by some of the amazing folk art I have seen recently. That and the fact that I am still playing with "the power of words" (see earlier post). Some of the messages in this piece are "I'm Reaching for the life within me..." and "You made the sound of pulling heaven down..." There are a few other seekrits too! Shhh... but those are left for you to find and interpret in your own way.

I am totally in-love with this piece. (Is it OK to say that about your own work??) And I plan on continuing the theme with some smaller sized pieces as well.

As always...Thanks for your input! :)


Alrighty folks, In an effort to help me pay the bills and buy more paint I am going to be selling a bunch of my stuff. I will be selling all kinds of things dug out of my closets, attic, etc. There will be jewelry, clothes, weird kitchen gadgets, you name it. But perhaps the most amazing of all (or embarrassing) will be artwork from my formative years. Yep, I have lots of sketches, paintings, studies, etc. from way back when I was in High school and Elementary school. So if collecting BAD art is your thing…you’re in luck! LOL

Everything will be priced low so please bid high and help me out in my very own “OPERATION: BUY MORE PAINT!!!”

Thanks guys. You are awesome! :)

Win this "beauty" from 1998 starting bid at .99!

Street Painting at Cap 3000 in Nice

Last weekend I was in Nice for their first Street Painting Festival...Les Craiez d'Azur. Though small, the community really
embraced the event held at Cap 3000, an upscale mall in Saint Laurant du Var. I designed my piece based on a recent sketch I did called Tug with a dancer and a pig playing tug of war. It was perfect - the theme of the festival was games.

The painting made the 'Nice Maden' regional paper and won the peoples choice award!

The Dust Seeker Street Painting

My sixth year painting in the Denver La Piazza del'Arte Festival I chose to paint an image from my new series, Avant Garde. Following 'Spellbound' in Santa Barbara, I was excited to paint another original. I'm happy I took this pic of the eyes on the first day of painting. It rained Saturday night and though the painting was saved by my shade tent, a stream of water ran through right through the eyes making it look like she was wearing a masquerade mask. The effect was really quite provocative until it dried ;)

The collar is my favorite part of this painting. It was one of those things I was worried about doing but had the best time creating it when the time came. It is really simple to do but the result is very intricate.

The Power of words.

I've been very focused on combining words with my art recently. I am working in a few different styles as I am doing this. Happy and sad but all emotional in my opinion. Here is a sample of some of my recent projects:

My Rules

Just for fun I have come up with some of my personal art making rules/rules to live by:

1. Everything looks better framed (or at the very least, sides painted). An ATC or another small piece of art should have chalk, ink…something, along the edges to frame the piece.

2. Pay attention to all the senses. For example, if your piece is a book, how does it feel in your hands? How do the pages sound when they are turned? Does it smell like an old library or a glue factory? Take all of these things into consideration.

3. Anyone can embellish. Think of this as the “jewelry” of your piece. Don’t stress about it.

4. Anyone can choose pleasing colors. Think about the colors you use together in your wardrobe or to decorate your house. Use what you love and what works for you.

5. Seal and coat. Everything looks better with a nice finishing coat of beeswax, matt medium, Gloss medium, or spray coating. Be kind to your art.

6. Don’t stick your focal point right in the middle of a piece. After you know why, then you are allowed to break this rule.

7. Stamps are tools. Don’t be afraid to get these dirty. Repeat, overlap, and don’t get so caught up on one “perfect” image.

8. Stamps are accents not focal points.

9. Don’t ever fall in-love with one part of a piece and “baby” it. A great teacher once told me, if you find yourself falling in love with one corner…paint over it until it is the same as the rest.

10. Don’t be afraid to get messy.

11. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

12. Fibers are your friends.

13. The one who dies with the most techniques… still dies. Don’t get over whelmed with learning a large quantity of techniques. Focus on one or two and PERFECT them. Make them your own, build on them.

14. Don’t try to plan things out.

15.. Revisit your work. Hang it up. Keep it close. Learn from it.

16. Don’t rework old pieces. Always start fresh.

17. Piece not working out? Paint over it or tear it up and throw it away. You learned what didn’t work…now move on.

18. Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will for you.

19. Keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas.

20. Go to bed thinking about your art. If you do this with intention you will have new ideas and solutions when you wake up.

21. When you see art you like write down why you like it in your notebook. Was it the colors, subjects, use of materials? Refer to this when making your own pieces.

22. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

23. Think outside the box. Use materials you don’t think will work. Make them work.

24. Ask for help when (not if) you need it. Altered Artists are amazing people. We stand out because of our willingness to share and help each other. You’d be a fool not to take advantage of this.

25. You should see your hand in every piece that you make. By this I mean that there should be brushstrokes, doodling or drawing, something somewhere to show a person has been here.

26. Every piece should have at least one secret. You should never be able to see every detail all at once. There should always be a little something special hidden for your viewer to find. The best secrets take years to reveal themselves.

27. Everything is better with Texture. I can’t stress this enough.

28. Everything is better with layers. I can’t stress this enough.

29. Every piece should tell a story. You may not know what that is right away but if after working a while you still can’t find it see rule #17.

30. You know you have succeeded in a piece when you can’t imagine ever giving it away or selling it. And that’s when you should.

31. Allow others to find their own truths in your art. Only explain yourself when asked. and only if you want to.

32. Don’t be afraid to shock people.

33. Know your audience.

34. Take criticism but don’t live by it.

35. No one ever became famous by following the rules and playing nice.

36. Don’t buy into what everyone else is doing. If everyone is making art about Zebras wearing hats then become obsessed with Lions.

37. Speak your own truths.

38. Have no fear.

39. Find refuge with kindred spirits.

40. Live with intention.

41. Do what you love.

42. Break all the rules.

Mica book

Here is a Mica book (4 x 6) I have been working on. I really love how it came out.
I used Mica sheet from Alpha Stamps for the cover. I Stamped it with Vine Border Rubber Stamp and 2 Swallows Rubber Stamp and Staz-on ink. I added handmade paper beads, handmade painted papers (from a few posts ago), silk ribbons and other fibers that I wrote on. I have included a few inside peeks at the pages too.

Street Painting in Nice

At the I Madonnari Festival in Santa Barbara, I had a great time recreating one of my new fine art paintings titled, Spellbound. I'm really excited to be painting another original work for a new street painting festival in France.

I will have the special honor of traveling to Nice this June to be a featured artist for their first street painting festival titled Les Craies d'Azur. We believe the name, which loosely translates to Chalks of Blue is descriptive of the events location which will overlook the Mediterranean. While there have been many street paintings done in France since the tradition's origins in the 1500's, this is their first official street painting event.


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