Street Painting in Houston! 2009

It's been a while since my last post. The fall has been quiet for me in terms of Street Painting, had to take a bit of a break to prepare for my upcoming Solo Exhibition in Los Angeles. But, I did have the pleasure of returning to Houston's Via Colori Festival this past weekend. It is the best Via Colori festival there is, mostly because of the great team of people who put it together. Amazing!!
I'm sure I've talked about The Center for Hearing and Speech before but I want to mention it again. It is an amazing organization that helps children and adults who are hearing impaired learn to speak and listen without the use of sign language. A group of us from California had a nice tour of the Center to really understand what they do and how their Via Colori Festival benefits them.

Here is a link to their website...

This year El Paso Energy was my Sponsor as Featured Artists. I composed an image using a beautiful Lord Leighton painting with a vintage art nouveau frame. Here is what I intended to paint.

So, that was the original concept. Unfortunately, It rained all day on Saturday & Via Colori being only a 2 day event, we only had Sunday to paint. By some miracle, most artists finished their entire squares. Even the chronically "slow" artists, such as myself, managed to finish in record time giving Houston a kaliedoscope of color down two streets.

So, not only did everyone finish their lovely paintings but there were record crowds on Sunday. It was amazing.

Here is the final result... I had to compromise on the border to finish in time. I wish I had had time to paint it in the way I envisioned but it was still 9 x 14 feet. I wasn't able to include the beautiful text at the bottom in the lovely Art Nouveau font. But, maybe next time.
A special Thank You to Natalie and Katharine for all their hospitality and hard work. You guys are amazing!!!

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