painting at Epicenter 2010

I got back yesterday from two days of painting at the Epicenter Music Festival. The Hive Gallery artists, Nathan's favorites, got invited to paint at this rock show out at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana. What a blast, but VERY HOT! ahahahh! I managed to make four paintings, three in the day and one night scene. I also took in some fun acts like KISS, eminem, and Suicidal Tendencies. I was surprised at how much the people there were into what I was doing, always folks watching and many compliments. It is a challenge painting crowds because it's always changing... but it's also always in the same place, like waves on the ocean, so if you keep at it I find it works out eventually. It was fun to get to be there and paint a little feeling of the spectacle. oil on canvas. updates: I promised to post fan photos and Amanda "my biggest fan" came through! these are my favorites, everyone has such a range of expressions. Thanks for sending them! also here's a youtube link to a camera video I uploaded from the concert update! more fan photos! thanks Wanda and Eric!

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