teaching kids

I was in San Diego over the weekend at a place called Camp Queen. They have all kinds of activities for the kids to do, and one of them was an afternoon of painting with me. It was similar to the workshop I did at the Kidspace Museum, the main theme being 'plein air' painting, finding inspiration in the world around us. Here's a few shots of me and the kids in action and the 20 minute portraits I made of a few of them. Also, I did a landscape and whenever we saw a new creature, like a crawdad or tadpole, I added it. Then the kids wanted to get in the painting too so they ran over and posed too! The reason it looks so light is I used the same "washable and non-toxic" paint as they were using and it was really WEAK! Still we all had a good time; and what's fun is you never know how you might make an impression on young kids... maybe one of them will take up painting!

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