3D Street Painting for FRINGEMK

Just returned from a great trip to the UK where I painted for a new 3D street painting event in Milton Keynes. This 3D pavement art event took place along side several festivals called 'Urban Games' which included the Midsummer Place Painting Prize, Pavement Art Festival, Photon Reaction, and Fools Journey. Also taken place in Milton Keynes was the 'IF' festival which featured an international group of performers and interactive exhibitions including acrobats and carousels. So the city was alive with arts and culture.

Westbery Farms Artist Studios was kind enough to host 8 street painters for the duration of the event. Westbery has a long history in Milton Keynes dating back to the 1600's. It's a beautiful & historic brick farmhouse with most of its rooms dedicated to the creation of art. All surrounded but large fruit trees and even a mote! What more could you ask for.

For the 3D pavement art exhibition I created this anamorphic painting titled 'Special Delivery, ' featuring a showgirl/ dental assistant in the mouth of a hippo. The entire painting was done in soft pastel and included dental floss, which I painted black, for the balloon strings. It was a really fun piece to paint and spectators seemed to enjoy its humor ;)

photo by 'Legge'

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