Jumbo Rocks

Appropriately named! This was another canvas I worked on yesterday in Joshua Tree. The morning that I painted the previous post, I was in another spot thinking it was going to be good but I would check back later in the day because while I liked the drama of the scene, I thought the light was dull. I went back before sunset and check and it still wasn't interesting. Oh well, at least the afternoon painting that day turned out awesome! So the next morning I took that canvas to Jumbo Rocks, found a very exciting motif, and sacrificed the previous image, I like doing that somehow. My painting turned into a photo shoot for a photographer who ran into me there, it'll be cool if he sends me some of the images. I didn't get to this spot in time to finish the painting in one go as the light moved way too fast. I liked that it forced me to be simple and direct to try to get as much as I could, but I intend to take this canvas back in a couple weeks, earlier in the morning this time, and go at it again. oil on canvas, 24 by 36

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