word of mouth

I was invited to paint live at wom, or word of mouth, an underground downtown art and music party in Echo Park. I brought a square canvas and art supplies and let myself go with the composition and color. The lights were constantly changing color in the room so the only way to capture the feeling was to paint like everything is opal! I never know where these underground parties are so there's always the fun drawing the place out. I designed a composition what felt like the space, but also had plenty of room to add lots of people. I went between painting on the painting, and drawing people in my sketchbook to add to the scene. A bright young kid who was the son of one of the people who threw the party gave me "updates" on what was cool going on so I didn't get totally lost in the canvas and knew when to be in the crowd and have my sketchbook out. There was this crazy band called the radioactive chicken heads that played, there were fire jugglers and performers, stilt walkers and trapeze, body painting, artists doing their thing. People there really dug my painting and enjoyed seeing the party remembered in a unique way. oil on canvas, 36 by 36

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