trade hard

That line was was taken from some MF Global advertising copy. That's right, trade hard. Jon Corzine was paid $8 million a year as CEO of MF Global. The company gambled like a crack addled sex addict and LOST. And in the the chaotic days of the collapse, MF Global stole $1.6 billion of segregated and untouchable private deposits to cover their ass; outright theft of money that most directly affects the farming industry of America. People we need to reframe the definition of terrorism in our mind because Jon Corzine still walks free. This painting is work in progress but you know me I can never resist posting. I'm trying to channel a little George Bellows in this one, I think I'm the Neo-Ashcan. This painting hearkens back to a day when human beings actually performed trades with each other... Now it's all super-computers and the borg!

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