From Street Painting to Murals

   Between street painting and workshop events I've been working on a mural at a private residence.  It is something that made sense during my pregnancy as I didn't have to crawl around on the ground so much ;)  The wall was brand new and had just been coated in a warm bordeaux plaster so It was just asking for something to liven it up.  I worked with my client for several month on theme, colors, and some 'must haves.'  Some of her 'must haves' were grape vines, lemons, Italian potter, structures / architecture, and a bistro...All with an overall rustic feel.  We worked through several revisions before agreeing on this design and it was well worth it.  

   Working around the ornate fountain I designed a series of arches leading out to rolling hillsides and a La Cinque Terra inspired hilltop town.  Grape vines tangle around the columns with a burst of violet and green.  Then to the right of the fountain, a small flower shop leads you down a tiny alley-way behind the romantic Bella Donna Bistro.  

In the beginning stages of the mural... completing weathered rocks and columns around the fountain.

 The mural spanned 37 feet of the clients 9 foot backyard wall and it really added to the tuscan atmosphere.  Below you can see the completed left side which can be seen from the clients living room windows and backyard deck.  The entire project took about 3 months to complete.  Definitely slower then usual but I had an ever growing belly to compete with which made the 9 x 37 foot wall a bit overwhelming at times.  Especially those days on the ladder :)

The left side - complete with arches, grapevines, rolling hills, canal, and hilltop villa.
Bella Donna Bistro and Fiori (Flower) Shop add a cozy area between the clients giant eucalyptus trees.

A few dragonflies emerged amongst the grape vines to add a little of my signature.

Stay tuned - I have a few more murals in the works.  One of which is the Nursery for our baby boy to bee...with an adorable Bee and Frog them.  More to come!

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