portrait of kim

Today as an excuse to paint and talk about something on the Alex Schaefer Hour, I spent more time on the portrait of artist Kimberly Zsebe. Last week I worked with a limited value range and only used colors from white to tints mixed to the lightness of yellow ochre, and no darker. I worked to block in large flat areas of local color, like white walls, skin tone, grey shirt, black leggings, tan carpet, etc.; because I only allowed myself to get a certain amount dark, the lay-in was very high key. This week I used the same middle value tints which were the darkest I let myself go last week, only this time they're the lightest I can get and I blocked in all the areas of shadow. I still tried to express the same feeling of all the different local colors of things, but now they're in a low key. With the expanded value range I feel there is a greater sense of 'realness' It's an experimental adventure in portraiture but I'm liking it and enjoying the process. Here's how it looks so far and a digital composite of the painting and the drawing. (p.s. the audio on the show was terrible today, we are sorry. technicians are at work solving the issue)

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