my favorite cupcake

I've been painting a lot of cupcakes on the side, I have a commission to paint a bunch and I owe a couple to friends; at some point in the near future I will post a whole slew of these tasties. In the meantime this is my recent favorite painted in artist Stephan Canthal's hand-around sketchbook given to his favorite artists to do something in. What else am I gonna do? a cupcake! ahahahah btw I thought this article was ironic. I went from being a terrorist painting burning banks to a subject matter I thought would never have any homeland security overtones... then I read this! Http://

For my real fans, here's this weeks episode of the Alex Schaefer Hour. The usual technical difficulties but there's words spoken for 98% of the show.

BTW blogger has changed and if you want to see the full size of the image, click on it, then control-click the next image loaded and click 'view image' and then click to zoom in. I don't know why they do it like this now, or maybe it's just my computer? But that' what I gotta do now...

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