painting from life at the LA Art Show

This was exciting! I wanted to post a picture of the painting as it looked when the LA Art Show ended. I was there for the past five days drawing and painting from life a scene of the show, live painting they call it. I have a few 'work in progress' shots of the painting which will be interesting to post because it has evolved a good deal from start to now, I'll blog those later. I got in with Coagula and the event organizers set up a table for us to use and internet broadcast from, and bringing some old school reportage I was there with easel and paints. No one seemed to mind, in fact at any given time there was a crowd having fun watching. Maybe it helped that I was right next to the other live painters, no one noticed, we're all just part of the show! I'm adding those extra pictures now, a couple composites of me painting and some stages of the painting. oil on canvas, 24 by 30

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