Street Paintings to end 2010

It has been a few months since my last post even though I had two fantastic events. The main reason is...I found out my husband and I are expecting! We are so excited & are hoping he or she loves to street paint just as much as I do.

So, though 2010 has come to an end I thought I should post my last two projects of the year. The first, a 3D street painting at the University of Arizona Museum of Art for their 'Aesthetics of Art' Exhibition. This project was so much fun. I actually began the process in studio and shipped it to the museum since I was on a short timeline but the whole process was viewable on my new site So if you couldn't make it down to the museum you were able to see the live stream online. This was my first 100% Live event. It was great! Everyone could watch the painting unfold from home.
As for the image...I'd really been wanting to do a Marie Antionette inspired painting...I do so many Renaissance themed paintings, it was time for some Rococco ;) Here are a few pics of the finish.

One aspect of my visit to AZ that I really enjoyed was the street painting workshop I gave to a handful of University students. I had them paint several Marie Antionette Portraits which doubled as 'vintage invitations' to Cream and Crumpets with Marie.

Just a few days after Arizona, my husband and I left for Houston. They have one of my favorite street painting festivals and they were celebrating their 5th year. You can see the posters I designed in my last post. They wanted something really fantastic for their anniversary so I designed a massive 30 x 60 foot collaborative street painting! We had 8 artists, myself included, to create "The Art of Sound" Everyone did such an amazing job in only 3.5 days. Again, one of my favorite parts of the project was having the live stream of the entire event. Remmie took care of all the tech for us so everyone could see the process as it evolved from day to day, even before the start of the festival. Another plus was that students from KIPP Houston created the beautiful border panels around the artwork. They designed and painted it wonderfully. Rebekah Tee was their lead teacher...she's amazing! I've known her for several years and her students always do fantastic work. My husband, Remmie, captured some amazing pics of KIPP working as can see them all in purple shirts and beanie caps -It was pretty cold out.

I love this pic! Remmie took it from the roof of the Houston Library. It was super windy so he had to crawl on his stomach to lean over the edge and take the shot. But everyone is in it! Art of Sound panel team and KIPP Border team.

Panel Artists

Genna Panzarella, Lysa Ashley, Jessica Bennet, Anat Ronan, Lilibeth Andre, Lauren Garnett, Iris Vanessa, Melanie Stimmell Van Latum

Border Team

KIPP Houston High School-Rebekah Tee

KIPP Sunnyside High School and KIPP Spirit Middle School- Randall Mosman

KIPP Academy Middle School-Brandy Hebert

KIPP Sharpstown Middle School-Jessie Peltier

KIPP Liberation- Carla Carter

Looking forward to the 2011 street painting season. I'll keep you posted on my next Live event! Have a great Winter!

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