the Fool

There is another Tarot show at the Hive gallery opening this Saturday (click here for info).. It's the second tarot theme show and I'd started a painting of the Fool for that a few months back but never finished it... maybe that's part of the point of the fool card, it's never finished! but I really like how it's evolving, and I'm trying to keep in the spirit of the fool, happy, unexpected, careless, carefree, and making order from chaos. (update 1/8/11) I took the painting last night to the Hive show and added the much needed dog! So now while the image is a self portrait and a visual analogy for the art of painting, it also has all the iconography of the Fool and could be used in a deck! I chose the Boston terrier first because they are a super neat breed, but also because they are black and white and it works for my painting analogy symbolism. oil on canvas, 36 by 24

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