stop SOPA and PIPA !

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What to do about PIPA/SOPA, call your Senator/State Representative and say something like this: "My name is __________, I'm a constituent of Senator/Rep ________ and I am calling to express my profound opposition to S. 968 the PROTECT-IP Act/H.R. 3261 the Stop Internet Privacy Act.

PIPA/SOPA would require web services to monitor what users link to or upload, having a chilling effect on privacy, free speech, and innovation.

PIPA/SOPA would give the government the power to censor the web with techniques similar to those used in China, Iran, etc, nations which the United States condemns for their lack of freedom.

Last but not least PIPA/SOPA would threaten security online by undermining the basic open structure of the Internet and restricting the flow of information

The People of (your state) and the United States condemn this legislation and implore you to vote against it."

phone and email for California:
Barbara Boxer: (202) 224-3553 here's all of Boxer's offices to call:

Diane Feinstein: (202) 224-3841 here's all of Feinstein's offices to call:

find out your local representative here:

find your senators here:

Call! Email! Speak out!

Share this, lots of good links

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