the Knight of Pentacles

For the annual Hive Gallery tarot card I was asked by Catherine Kaleel to collaborate on a painting of the Knight of Pentacles. What fun! This painting never would have happened otherwise and I love how it came out. The show opens tonight and is up all month, and the Knight is for sale! Here's a large image of the painting completed, and a bunch of work in progress shots of the evolution of the piece. Catherine really wanted to paint the horse, so I started off composing a landscape that would work around whatever ended up in the center, it was invented from a smudged old drawing that I let my imagination loose on. Then Catherine built the panel from scratch, I laid in the landscape in pastel and acrylic, then handed it off, the horse was added and Catherine added beautiful clouds, and stronger color to the landscape and water and the house and mill, then it was back to me and I added the knight and a final layer of paint and we both completed the pentacle. oil on panel, 30 by 20

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