ARMORY ART SHOW at 5 Pointz - March 9th

March 9th, 2012
Much has been said about “Graffiti” (NYC Street Art or Writing) but most of the legendary figures and original taggers don’t even like to hear that word. In fact most of them say that their movement has yet to be properly written about or documented. The intention of the event is for the artists to speak (or write) for themselves on their own turf with a visit to 5 Pointz, an amazing NYC grass roots institution, considered the world’s most spectacular Graffiti mecca. Forty years ago these artists did their works on subway cars and city walls. Today, the art form has transferred to “Legal Walls” canvases and “Spraying Galleries” as we can see at the 5 POINTZ exhibition.NYC Street Art or Writing, the true name for “Graffiti”’ according to the first 1960s and 70s artists, is a world renowned movement in Contemporary Art and New York City Social History. While youth in today’s New York can live in a nicer environment, get their name out and network with social media and while today’s Graffiti Art sales reach hyperbolic prices in world class auction houses, we tend to forget that our most indigenous NYC art form was born from streets kids as an act of visual rebellion and the desire to be considered and even to become famous! Discover 5 Pointz ever changing outdoor gallery meet Meres One, curator and legendary Graff artist, witness the process as walls get done. Also see collective works by legendary writers like MICO, Lava I & II, Bama, Clyde, REE, Flint, King2 and Echo1 curated by Frank Gerard Godlewski.

Time: 2-6pm / Tour every hour – 2pm; 3pm; 4pm; 5pm
Access: Free, open to the public
Location: 45-46 Davis Street, LIC NY 11101; Meeting point – check in at the office by the loading dock

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