moved in!

Wow I can't believe I did it! After seven years of painting outside under a tent on the dirt in my backyard, I have a real studio! I'm still in the process of finding a place for everything, I may have to pay a visit to some kind of furniture/storage solutions type store, but the studio is working, the stove is hot, the fridge is cold, there's a bed and bathroom! I'm in heaven!

The tour of the Los Angeles Federal Reserve Branch building was fun, if anything to just see what's inside! Everything was confiscated, phones, cameras, wallets, keys, hats, loose change, you couldn't even bring in a piece of paper or pencil; i understand, it's a highly secured location! The most jaw-dropping part was going to the basement to see the cash distribution center. There must be at least half a billion dollars in Federal Reserve Notes and a small army down there, I saw machine guns... The tour felt rushed and even though they promised time for questions at the end, it always ended up that there was no time after all. Everyone got a small bag of shredded paper money and a pen as a parting gift! ahahahahah

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