Support a Fellow Brave Artist!!!!!

My dear friend Tessa McSorley ( has recently quit her terrible soul sucking day job and has decided to bravely follow her heart and become a full time artist! I am sooo proud of her! But it is also a very scary endeavor as she tries to pay bills and sell some of her treasured possessions on Ebay to enable her to fulfill her art dreams. I know how AMAZINGLY supportive this community this is. I've felt the love and acceptance sooo many times myself. Please Please, consider helping out Tessa with a word of encouragement, by purchasing a piece of her art or by sharing this post with your other art friends to help her get started.

I know that together, as a community, we can do great things!

Tessa's Etsy store's:

Tessa's Blog where she shares great FREE art tutorials and other fun stuff:

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! XO


Ps. She has no idea I'm doing this, hope I don't get into trouble. ;)

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