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Hi everyone! I am SO exited to FINALLY share all my newest work! Over the last year I have been more inspired than ever before and working harder than ever before, and I am now very proud to bring you these new pieces. I have more than 40 new works, from HUGE to teenie tiny and many in-between! Since I can’t post them all at once, I will be sharing them in installments; look for sneak peaks here on my blog. To see more of the first release, including more photos of the pieces below, check my website:

Many pieces are for sale, and I have made prints of some of my favorites. If you are interested, check out my ETSY store or drop me an email ( Most of the pieces I am listing for sale will be in the smaller range; many of the larger ones are on wood and will be expensive to ship. But, if you feel connected to a larger piece, email me and we can figure out the shipping. Many of these paintings need good “forever homes”. :)

These pieces were inspired by an imaginary world; perhaps the world of Caspiana. The elusive inhabitants are seen as through a window or a crack in our reality. The images are childlike and in some cases disturbing. They deal simultaneously with innocence and immortality, and many read as if part of a story. Please let them whisper their stories to you.

Original Ancient Lion piece not for sale, but prints are available upon request.

Prints of this Owl piece and many others are available in my ETSY store. Other prints are available upon request, just ask! :)

WIN A PRINT OF THIS OWL PAINTING or a mini piece of ORIGINAL ARTWORK from this new series!!! Simply tweet or update your Facebook status with a link to this blog post ( ). Leave a comment on this post letting me know you've done it and you'll be entered to win!!!

Don't forget to check out my other new pieces by going to and clicking on "paintings". Thanks so much for your time and feedback! :)


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