wow there is so much going on these days I barely have time to blog... I'm posting to let my readers know things are ok and I haven't disappeared or anything! I'm in the process of moving to a GREAT new studio space that is really going to be a major upgrade from where I've been painting all this time! So by the end of the month I'll be all moved in, at the moment the studio is in full effect but I don't have a bed!

I'm painting away for a one artist show I have coming up in April at Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown. Another exciting upgrade!! I'm subletting my space at the Hive Gallery for the next few months to keep the paintings under wraps and maybe build a little excitement for the show?

Also on February 29th, leap year day, a friend Nick who is chair of LA County Republican Liberty Caucus organized a tour of the downtown Los Angeles Federal Reserve Bank and I was one of the folks invited! Sounds interesting, I've only seen the outside... I'm curious to see what it's like inside and what's the spiele. Here's a link to the tour info I think they are running background checks on everyone going, we had to give our full name. I wonder what they'll think when they google me?

Oh check out who I met recently! Kristen Christian, spearhead of Bank Transfer Day! Here's a shot of us horsing around in a photobooth, poking fun at our notoriety!

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