RECAP: Chief69 & BRAC Present: The Bronx Is Fresh

"On saturday night while models and designers opened for Fashion Week, I attended an opening of different sort for artist/breakdancer Chief69. This opening took place not in Lincoln Center but in the South Bronx at BRAC (Bronx River Arts Center) it featured no wine or movie stars but instead true Graf/Hip-Hop culture courtesy of Chief69.

With his solo showcase the Bronx Is Fresh, Chief displayed his love and talent for three of the four main elements of Hip-Hop: Graffiti, BBoying and, all of which were on display. For those that don't know Chief is a true Hip-Hop throwback, though young in age he represents the true old school Hip-Hop spirit. When we say throwback, we mean the authentic not the replica, Chief is the type of person who you could teleport back to 1982 and he would not miss a beat.

While displaying a old-school outlook he also has the proper context, which many who are representing the retro Hip-Hop movement lack. He sites Seen, Haring, Futura, Dali and his father("he was a writer in the 70's" said Chief) as influences, it's easy to see that he was taught well. He has the context and the perspective that make him more than a kid in a Kangol and old-school kicks. He seems to understand the significance of these articles and the history behind them.

The show also featured Chief's Bboy crew Floor Royalty Crew, and a group discussion on Hip-Hop. Members of the Zulu Nation including M.C. K-Swift were in attendance, as well as other prominent members of the Bronx Hip-Hop Community. Chief is emotional when speaking about his love for graffiti "Writers art the Most unselfish artist, they share their fame and look after each other like family" he said shunning the selfish SWAG culture of today's Hip-Hop. At the end of the night Chief gave all of the featured art to those in attendance in exchange for a small donation to BRAC, showing he practices what he preaches and displaying the true spirit of Hip-Hop."
- L.Swann


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