3D Street Painting In Thailand!

The last few months have been the busiest start to the street painting season thus far.  It's been great...hoping it continues ;)  

In March I traveled to Thailand with 5 other artists, via my new company We Talk Chalk, to create Thailand's first 3D street paintings and also give a few workshops to local artists.  We were invited by a wonderful events company in Chiang Mai called Earth Wind and Fire headed up by the most amazing power couple, Yut and Aom.  They provided us with the most incredible hospitality we could have ever asked for.  

So, 4 of us teamed up to create a 15 x 67 foot painting that traveled from ground to wall and took 5 days to complete.  Tony Cubuliquido, Lysa Ashly, my husband Remco Van Latum, and I had a great time painting this with pigments & binder and designed it so spectators could pose for pics on our sacred Thai Elephants.  Here's a photo of us sitting atop the majestic creatures.  

Ruben Poncia from the Netherlands, and Juandres Vera from Mexico rounded out our team and create two beautiful individual 3D paintings that drew crowds.

Sacred Creatures

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