opening night photos

What a night it was Saturday at the Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles! An amazing crowd of people showed up and it was absolutely thrilling for me to get to show the paintings. The work was well curated and hung to perfection, elegance. And people at the show really loved both what the paintings were about and the paintings themselves as beautifully painted works of art. I'm so glad about that because being someone who loves painting and art history, that it's almost more important how something is painted than what a painting depicts. When I go to a museum I go more to see the paintings themselves, not so much the stories the paintings are telling. I've gotten a ton of compliments, I'm so excited about that! Art writer Ezrha Jean Black wrote to me "Smashing show the other night at CJ -- what a painter you are! (The political swipes (all richly earned & scarcely overpaid) are the merest icing here -- though rich indeed to be iced by your buttercream brush.) Congrats." and artist Kent Twitchell wrote: "Saw your paintings tonight at the Charlie James Gallery. I loved them. Great work." I've never been happier people!! Thank you all for coming. The show is running through May 26th Wednesday to Saturday 12 to 6 PM and by appointment T: 213.687.0844

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