how to paint a burning bank

I went out with Robert McLendon and made another protest video. It's performance art. I'm getting that feeling in my heart again that we have all fallen asleep letting our sociopathic "leaders" continue their suicide mission of total global control funded by total debt slavery. So this is how my protest comes out, painting banks ablaze and engaging the public. If feels scary in the beginning because you fear the opinion or judgement of others, but the beautiful thing is once you're doing it you realize that everyone is feeling the same thing; we all feel it but we have to share the feeling so we realize again. The audacity of the crimes in our government and financial system, the scale and depth of the corruption, the covert activity and murderous foreign policy; it is outrageous!! Plant your seeds of outrage in the hearts of your friends and in strangers. Outrage with hope is a positive feeling, unlike outrage with desperation which is a state of mind to be afraid of. People, we foolishly believe that the elected and appointed officials holding the reins of politics and finance are actively working on and going to solve our problems (bitterly, problems they created to begin with). The sad truth is these out of control institutions are a greater and more immediate threat to 'homeland security' and the middle class American Dream than any terrorist, no matter who,why or what they believe. The breadth of the fear and trauma caused by this economic meltdown, the dislocation, suffering and despair that will spread across the country into every state and city and neighborhood and home and heart, that will be the beginning of a new darkness in America. That is terrifying. We have to keep pulling at the wheel to turn this juggernaut a new direction; it has a lot of momentum (read 'cronyism') keeping things on their current path of destruction. Folks we must begin to act up again. Make signs and brainstorm actions that engage others, make videos, shirts, flyers, and buttons, buy an ounce of silver. There are a million ways to act up but the most important is simply doing anything. Maybe just sharing this video. Whatever you do though, have fun! Like 'Reverend' Billy here: and here:
oil on canvas, 22 by 28, work in progress

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