Art MIRAGE Legacy / Kingdom NYC

“Kingdom” (AKA KDM) is derived from The “Kingdom Crew”, a connected group of street artists who displayed their work in and around Long Island and NYC from the mid to late 1980′s.

The Kingdom Crew was started by the late graffiti artist “Mirage” and “Sketch One”. The crew had a simple mission and philosophy which was to develop a “kingdom” of individuals, who fostered a sense of creativity and displayed boundless efforts of self expression. Kingdoms mission today remains the same

Kingdom’s logo is from the iconic 80's NYC graffiti artist Mirage. Mirage's symbol was “A three toed pair of footprints” , which other writers referred to as "The Feet". Mirage's footprints created a new platform in NYC graffiti, and set the stage for, influenced and inspired various artists in the years to follow.


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